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Cutest Pirate Puppy Ever

I already knew at this point (2015) that this was the very last race I'd ever run unless I become the Bionic Woman at some point. This is Reno--he now has a gray muzzle and I'm also now gray with blue & purple highlights, but he did so well!! He won the cutest pirate puppy contest, so while I did not run in those boots, I changed into them for our winner photos.
I already knew at this point (2015) that this was the very last race I'd ever run unless I become the Bionic Woman at some point. This is Reno--he now has a gray muzzle and I'm also now gray with blue & purple highlights, but he did so well!! He won the cutest pirate puppy contest, so while I did not run in those boots, I changed into them for our winner photos.

I am beyond thankful that my very last running race was such a fun one for a fantastic cause (Paws Giving Independence) and such a success for my puppy boy. He's now 10, so his running days are behind him as well. ♥

Hurtsy Eyeballs

The eyeballs are definitely NOT appreciating work and being busy. They feel like crap today and I'm a sad panda about that. Fortunately I have the next 5 days off, but I will probably need to stay clear of the computer for a while so I can give them a rest. *sigh* I'm having a lupus sucks day because my back & hips aren't feeling super hot either. That said, my feet ARE feeling better, but I have a ways to go yet. I did a little more than a thank you lap last night (I increased time by a minute and a tiny bit faster) so I think things are progressing well on that front and I anticipate being able to get back to 5Ks in another month or so if things keep moving forward like they are.

Hips Don't Lie

My hips are letting me know I walked a 5K yesterday, but everything else is as expected or feeling even better than I imagined. I plan an easy 2 mile recovery walk today. 

I'll be playing paralegal first. Hubs's files need organized, and I think it will help him, too. I'm trying to put them together like his mind thinks, but I don't want to disturb the order the discovery came in so I'm utilizing sticky notes. I've been putting in about 2 hours a day on legal work, so I've been busy on several fronts lately.

It's Self-Care Sunday! ♥ How are you pampering yourself today? I woke up, took a shower and then I used moisturizing gloves and slippers and a collagen face mask while I meditated. It's a delicious way to start the day! ♥♥

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In My Sights

I can not do everything, but I can do something.  I must not fail to do the something that I can do. ~ Helen Keller

So, I found a 5K race for April! And, it's coming up fast. I chose this one for the obvious--I'm racing for myself and potentially for my daughter who has also been diagnosed with autoimmune (hopefully not Sjogren's & lupus now or down the road, but she does have Crohn's). When I started to learn Braille (I still suck at it) I was shocked at the lack of Braille and large print books and a little disappointed in the choices for audiobooks (though there are enough audiobooks out there to keep me busy for the next decade, but I would like to see that expanded, too).

It has been a seriously tough couple of weeks. Ironically, my eyes are probably the best thing going for me right now. The migraines have been endless. Some of them have been creative, but most have not. Yesterday was crashed in bed by 3pm bad, but today looks better so far. *knocks wood*

Every other day seems to be the pattern for being too sick to move, so on the days in between, I'm fairly productive. Banking on that pattern today, as I have much to do. On today's agenda is going through boxes of junk that have been stored in the garage for eons. Tomorrow is trash day, and it's my goal to fill up a 30-gallon can with papers & miscellany we don't need anymore.

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Frosty...is a happy, jolly soul

My eye is definitely feeling better, but still quite angry, so I just have a couple of moments to alleviate some boredom. I also alleviated some cabin fever this afternoon--I picked up my Frosty 5K race packet on the Peoria Riverfront today, which is essentially downtown. Since I was so close to my favorite coffee house and everything is opened up again (albeit with restrictions like social distancing, masks, etc.) I am enjoying my first miel in probably over a year! (I'm in heaven.) After I picked up my coffee, I went to my favorite hippie store and bought some ankle jingles for dance and a pair of comfy hippie pants. Might wear the pants tomorrow during the race. It matches my new navy shirt--it's a long sleeve moisture-wicking tee. One of the nicest race tees I think I've ever gotten (the logo is meh, but cute), and I've been running charity races since the late 1980s.

When I go back to the eye doctor (Feb 8th) I'm going to bite the bullet and get some prescription lenses. I have monovision. Essentially that means I have 20/20 vision when both eyes are used together, but I'm farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other. Sadly, it isn't always possible to use both of my eyes together (as evidenced by the past couple of months) and I think eye strain is possibly a component of how horrid this has all been lately.

Making London Broil marinated in Carolina mustard BBQ sauce tonight. Can't wait!

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Eyes on Fire

the flame burns hot

and reddens all I see

for I am not

where I should be

the passions burn

and I must write

but the fires, I've learned

are filled with might

so, with charred feathers

and bloodshot eyes

storms must be weathered

so I can rise

My eyes are doing slightly better, which is a really good thing because I'm working at the law office later this week. It'll be nice to replenish some of the extra money I spent on Christmas gifts. The eyeballs are still hating on me quite a bit, and I don't work until Wednesday, so I am still trying to baby them and figure out the right balance for wearing the goggles to preserve my eyes but taking the goggles off in time to prevent a migraine (I do NOT have that balance figured out yet).

I'll be going in to get my hair done soon. I have a gift certificate for a fancy salon, but I don't know if they'll be equipped to do my crazy colors or if they are more conservative, so I need to give them a call. If they don't do crazy colors, I'm considering a facial. I have that lovely butterfly rash on my face (though it is not as pronounced as other lupies I know) and I'd like to see if there is a way to clear that up without medication.

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Once Upon A Time I Was...

A runner. The last ten years I ran became increasingly difficult. Despite running several times a week, I was suddenly exhausted and finding it hard to complete my runs. Body parts kept giving out, mostly my low back and right hip. Eventually I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, Lupus and RA--all autoimmune diseases that like to hang out together, and twist bones around that shouldn't be twisted. I loved running charity events. In fact, here is a photo of my last running 5k (I've had some walking 5ks since) where I ran for Paws Giving Independence in 2015 and I ran with our rescue pup, Reno, who is patient and calm and would have made an excellent service dog, had we not adopted him. He won the cutest puppy pirate contest that day, and we came home with lots of awesome goodies. One of which was a cute little girl dress for a chihuahua or pom puppy, so we gave the outfit to one of our friends who had a tiny girl dog (apparently the cutest puppy award usually goes to a frilly tiny girl doggo!).

Cutest puppy pirate ever--Reno! And Pirate Cherry.
Cutest puppy pirate ever--Reno! And Pirate Cherry.

(Yes, I did go red hair for a spell. I was still working full time, and I worked for a conservative corporate law firm, so the purple & blue I've been sporting lately would not have flown in Corporate America.)

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