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Cherry Word Bombs

poetry, recycled crafts, art, language, travel

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22 July
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Thank you for wandering into my cherry bowl of miscellany. My name is Cherry/Cheri/Cereza/Hey You/Bitch/Chisel/Flowerchild...I answer to pretty much anything (what's that saying? --"You can call me anything you'd like, but don't call me 'Late for Dinner'--yeah, that's me). I'm a hippie living in central Illinois, USA with my husband, 2 puppy boys and a kitten. When the world isn't on fire, we love to travel. We're foodies, adventurers and we like to think of ourselves as neo-Renaissance individuals because we both have diverse interests. I'm a disabled freelance writer, who is trying to find purpose in my new circumstance of being unable to work...going from two jobs and leading a writers' group to working an average of one day a week has been an enormous adjustment, so I'm picking up some new hobbies to keep myself entertained. Most of my posts revolve around those hobbies. I'm Cuban-American and also have German and Blackfoot ancestors. English is my primary language but I can also write and speak Spanish (I'm fluent, but not at all a native speaker, so my grammar and colloquialisms are wonky. I'm also a language geek, so I have a working knowledge of German, French & Italian as well) but my posts outside of perhaps some random poetry, will be in English.

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