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This entry is just random

The ear buds were a short-lived friendship. We exchanged them for a pair of wireless headphones, and I'm much happier.

Leaving for Minnesota tomorrow. Trying to not freak out.

Not sure how much internet connectivity I'll have up north, so I may not check in for another week. 

Took Baby Reno in about his tender hind leg, and he has new meds. The vet suspects a tear in the ACL (in dogs, it's the CCL), so he will not be able to hike with me until he gets x-rays and we know for sure what is causing him pain. He is only gimpy some of the time, so I'm kind of convinced my poor puppy boy has arthritis, despite the condition of his ligaments. Reno HATES having his paws touched, so the vet had to muzzle him to check him out today. And I hate that we can't be in the exam room with our fur babies right now--he doesn't usually get so testy at the vet, but we're usually there to talk to him, hold him and calm him down.

My house is still a disaster area and I need to clean. I'm still feeling the migraine a bit, so my energy levels haven't picked back up yet.

I still have to pack. I should really bring some arts & crafts to do in addition to books, journal & writing books. I have a feeling we will be facing a lot of downtime this week & nothing will be open yet. I'm currently going through You're Weird: A Creative Journal for Misfits, Oddballs, and Anyone Else Who's Uniquely Awesome by Kate Peterson. It reminds me a bit of Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal series.

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Everything is on pause

Before the world shut down, I was accepted as a patient at Mayo Clinic. Then my appointment was canceled while everyone hunkered down. It's back on again! Next week. Meep! So, this week will be all about making sure I have my records and insurance details figured out, arranging for a hotel (which shouldn't be too hard right now, I hope...), lining up the neighbors to take care of the fur babies, etc. I still intend on writing and speed walking, but I think my goals might have hit the trash can in those areas so everything else can get taken care of.

I have never been to Minnesota. My understanding is that we will have plenty of downtime. Problem is, I don't know how much will be open. Hubs should bring his fishing poles, I suppose. I should bring some hiking shoes.

I am relieved to finally get in to see if they can help me manage the autoimmune symptoms and help me to human more consistently, but I'm nervous and scared as much as I am hopeful. Since I am high risk, being out and about in general makes me a little bit leery. Being in a hospital for a week? Leeriness is an understatement.


More #FoundPoetry

Skipping the found poems that I'm not vibing with, but some more cool found poetry from the NaNoWriMo project. A big day tomorrow of travel and doctor appointments and hopefully more writing and wordsmithing. Last visit with the first rheumatologist who LISTENS to what I'm dealing with on the lupus and Sjogren's front. She is moving away, and I will have a very hard time finding a doctor who can fill her shoes. I travel 90 miles to see her, and hope that her entire team is as good as she is.


fantastical element

views from the bluff

fairy rings hard to see

leaf coverage

I believe in fairies

worlds intersect

elemental magic world

shocked adults


the language of wind

not words you understand, but feel

laughing, the wind says

"come out to play"

woodland floor is a carpet of leaves


teases me until the moon lights

the way home


Found Poetry: i-iii

I'm still not entirely sure how I will use my NaNoWriMo project for found poetry (I used a book of prompts, and journaled with the intention of some poetry, stories and blog articles), so I'm playing around with it today. Here are three quick found poems embedded in the first page of my project.


Lazy day

a hundred questions spoken

a bullet proof side effect

of my social circle


A moratorium on changes

additional demands slowing down the process

simple, not simple

turned independent

going places on her own


Works of art

incredible patience

life-size color

a woman in chaos

I could relate

and realized her art