Last week was relatively uneventful. I had a pretty massive migraine, so laid low. For Father's Day and a milestone birthday, we took my brother-in-law out for breakfast. Gorgeous day for eating outside! Nice little breakfast nook in Sunnyland (which sounds more idyllic than it really is). His daughter is here from Nebraska so it was nice to see her (even though I got picked on for being too liberal...).

Sunny day...chasing the clouds away...on my way...to where the air is sweet!
Sunny day...chasing the clouds away...on my way...to where the air is sweet!

Still walking. LOVE my new shoes-in particular the Asics (the Rykas end up hurting my feet if I wear them all day). Still working on the cross stitch project and I am nearly done with it (photos when I finish). I need to get much faster at cross stitch if I hope to ever make things to sell. And, I need a new challenge, now that the walking is becoming habit. So...I decided it takes 21 days to form a new habit and I have a goal of making 12 Christmas ornaments beginning tomorrow--that means I need to shoot for making two ornaments per day. They will be made on plastic canvas, so they'll have some rigidity, and I don't know if the patterns call for cross stitch, or if it will be more similar to plastic canvas. We shall see...

My studio is coming along very slowly. Might take some photos of that progress for tomorrow's entry, but I had two complete down days, so I didn't get very far yet.

Anyway, haven't posted much because I don't have a lot to say right now. Just means I need to live a little more...cheers to a brand new week!


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