Radiate Positivity

I miss music & art festivals. I've been jonesing over this jacket since my last Roo experience in 2017.

Wish list item.
Wish list item.

My goal is to self-publish a poetry chap book this summer. Once I do that, this jacket is my reward! (Should have bought it in 2017 because it was a lot cheaper then...)

Also, I've already replaced PanCon (my pandemically confused training shoes) with two pair of shoes--one for trails and one for treadmill. Asics for the treadmill; Ryka for the trails. MUCH BETTER. Sorry, PanCon! Tried out the Rykas last night on the treadmill, but I think those will be better on the trails--still, they were a million times better than PanCon. Trying out the Asics tonight. They were my favorite running shoes toward the end of my running days, so it makes sense they are still a fave.

Finishing (FINALLY) the blue morpho butterfly cross-stitch this week. Worked on it some more today on a video chat. Would like to include it on a handmade journal cover for my senior.


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