Metal Health

I've danced with these beautiful women before. I casually asked if it was okay for me to dance and hike again when I was at Mayo. I got a cautious 'yes' and THIS. So much love and props to these amazing women for such an awesome performance. This is the first song that I thought about using my own choreography for. I'm not nearly as talented as these women, but my style is slightly more hippie and slightly less metal, so it is no less heart-ful, but it is a different take. I LOVE metal music as much as my hippie psych and EDM--especially industrial metal. I've been to some workshops by Shyama and she is holding Zoom drills and combo classes. My local cabaret teacher may be too (I've also sent a message to her). I miss dancing (AND my dance sisters) as much as I miss running right now, but I don't have the okay to run. So, dancing and hiking and race walking will be the future of my cardio. (3 posts in one day. Clearly, I'm feeling some feels and don't know what to do with them all...)


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