Lions and Fires and Drones! (Oh. My.)

The world is burning. That would be the lions and fires part of my post today. I want to focus on positivity right now, because we could ALL use more of that, but I do have a few things to say. I stand with the family of #GeorgeFloyd and the peaceful protesters. I cannot stand by the looting and destruction of honest folks' businesses and livelihoods. Trust me, the nation is angry, and those businesses that have been destroyed? On top of their anger over the police murdering a man in Minnesota, the business owners are also now mourning the loss of their own proprieties--on top of the COVID-19 restrictions, they now also have to deal with losing EVERYTHING. These are innocent, hard-working people who don't deserve this! Please stop the madness. Please listen to Atlanta's mayor's powerful and heartfelt speech. She had me at her first sentence...that she is first and foremost a mother. As a mother of a grown child in Oakland, CA (where the riots were just blocks away from the apartment she shares with her fiance), she hit me in all the feels. I was proud of Peoria at first. The Peoria's head of the NAACP organized a march on Saturday. It was well-organized and he was on the news ahead of the march, encouraging a peaceful protest. The march WAS peaceful, but the aftermath has been ugly. Our first responders are stretched so thin right now...not only are they battling fire after fire, gunshots, hit and runs, etc., but we lost two more locals to COVID this weekend. Follow Atlanta Mayor Bottoms' advice and STAY HOME--please express your anger with your votes--not your guns, your fire and your destruction. We are stronger TOGETHER.

This is all I hope I have to say about this matter. As I am tri-racial myself, I'm definitely not blind, but I want America to be the safe, tolerant, beautiful and amazing country that it can be. I want safety for my cousins. For my daughter and me. For my future son-in-law and any grandchildren who might be born one day. I want safety for all of our brothers and sisters, no matter what color they are or where they come from. We can affect more change by going to the polls to VOTE and with our words because we do live in a democratic society (last time I checked, anyway...).

On to happier news. I had a drone gig this morning! I was beginning to think that the pandemic was going to shut my business completely down this year, but I was on-site at an industrial and medical gas supplier today to shoot footage of their tanks. Got issued a hard hat and everything! The tanks were too close together, so I couldn't go around them like I wanted to...plus their generator created a wind tunnel that tried to suck Pepe (I name my drones...Pepe is a DJI Phantom 3 Pro) into the tanks, so I couldn't get too close. I still need to review the footage to make sure I got enough for them. Might have to go back tomorrow for some follow-up footage, but got a lot covered this morning before the rain & wind ramped up. Tomorrow there will be no rain, although it will be 90+ degrees Fahrenheit, so if I need to go back, I plan to go early in the morning.

Blue hard hat with US Flag insignia. The hat I had to wear today was blue, but sans flag...still, I thought the flag fitting for this post.
Blue hard hat with US Flag insignia. The hat I had to wear today was blue, but sans flag...still, I thought the flag fitting for this post.

Other happy news: I found a place near the gas company to do some letterboxing, so if I do have to go back, I'm going to squeeze in a hike before I go home. Still working on those ViRALL miles. I'm going to ask Nikki if she wants to join in a letterbox hike with me some Friday (we are targeting Fridays as our day to walk together). It's too overcast and rainy today to walk outdoors, but my treadmill is looking at me longingly, so I'll do my workout indoors today, if it doesn't clear up.

Signing off with PEACE, LOVE and HUMANHOOD. Be safe out there.


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