When the Dog Bites

Yup. That just happened. My puppy boys came to me as I was resting my eyeballs...so very excited and concerned. The puppy boys next door, both Boxers, got loose.

I know these pups, so went out to help our neighbors round them up. Yogi bit me. I don't think he and I are friends because he has also pinned me inside of their trailer at the camp ground. I love dogs. And I know Yogi is just acting out when he's scared, but his jaws are ginormous. My arm is feeling their grip!

In all fairness, our pup, Primo, has bitten Steve before. It's not the end of the world. Primo's jaws might be smaller because he's a smaller dog, but his demeanor was no different. But, it does give me pause before I jump to the rescue of another lost doggo.


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