Funerals, Birthdays & Rainbows

This is Cathy's photo from her own birthday party on Friday. She had a wonderful time-about 20 people came and it was a great evening. Just so happens, Hubs & I are in this particular shot and also her sister, Melissa. Hubs is flirting with Linda, who we met last summer. Cathy (and also Harry-her hubby) is VERY social so her social circle and our social circle have blended over the years. Cathy is doing well, but her energy levels have dropped a ton, too, with all the chemo treatments. She also did a bit too much and fell down her steps a week or so ago, so hurt her leg again. Outside of that, she's doing well. ♥

Doc's visitation was this afternoon. He looked so good-peaceful, and young. Clara also got her hair done and she's doing well, considering. I think we'll be going out to her place either Wednesday or Thursday this week with the Peacocks. We plan to give Clara a memory wreath at that time, as we didn't get flowers for the visitation/funeral, wanting to concentrate on her, instead. His funeral is tomorrow. Like I said, he's been a strong dad figure in our lives, so we will definitely be attending that, as well. This obit talks more about his interesting life, so if you want to get to know how very cool Doc was, you can get the Sparks Notes version here: 


We went to the Quad Cities with Dennis & Brenda Peacock to see Disenchanted at Circa21. https://www.circa21.com/copy-of-mainstage-shows Super cute and amazing talent! What I like best about this particular theatre is that the waitstaff who serves you dinner is actually the talent who performs in the pre-show! Gillian was our server and she was amazing in her Bootleggers solo. ♥ We also went antique shopping, which is something we all love to do together. Hubs bought a hat for Troy (magic friend) and Dennis bought a couple of things. Funniest part of antiquing with the Peacocks--the boys like to shop and hunt way more than the girls. Brenda and I were done about 1/2 hour before the guys were done shopping and we met a cool guy who lost his wife not too long ago and was telling us about some touching moments. Some of his stories really hit home since we were actively mourning Doc. 

We introduced Dennis & Brenda to Doc & Clara about 12 or 15 years ago, so all of us have done a dinner/show/outing about every month or so for the past several years, so the topic of conversation often revolved around Doc & Clara. Brenda & Dennis saw a gorgeous rainbow that stretched from one side of the road to the other on Thursday and Brenda thought that it was a sign that Doc had crossed over, and based on timing, it was pretty much spot on. I have had 2 Doc dreams since he passed. One was kind of funny, because I have absolutely NO desire to get a tattoo. But, in one of my dreams, I was getting a tattoo of Bugs Bunny munching on a carrot. Underneath the Bugs graphic was words: What's Up, Doc?, and underneath was 1927-2021-clearly for "our" Doc. The other one was more worrisome for me. In the dream, I couldn't breathe. Doc was giving me chest compressions. I have never had heart issues, but I have had prophetic dreams before and I have heart disease on both sides of my family, so I'm thinking I should have my ticker checked out again to see if anything has changed.

Tomorrow is the funeral. I'm travel and mourning weary at the moment, and still not feeling much energy, so it'll be an early night. Made quick bbq sandwiches for supper and I'm watching Hocus Pocus, and *maybe* a thank you lap now that I got the treadmill fixed.

Oh yeah--I've also narrowed a new vehicle down to 5 or 6 and I'm ready to test drive those and do more comparisons. My heart is leaning towards the Jeep Renegade, but it might be too small, so I have some more homework to do.


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