Magic Carpet Ride

Never did I ever think a YouTube tutorial on cleaning, tightening & lubricating the belt of my treadmill would make it work again. It did! (Knock wood. I'm still doubting that it's a long term fix, but I'm so very hopeful!) I'm back to treading the mill fantastic! Hooray! We were actually to the point of researching new treadmills and I truthfully thought that I was going to go through the motions of cleaning/lubricating/tightening everything and then we'd see it didn't work and we'd have to put the treadmill out by the curb. When I got this particular magic carpet 14 years ago, I was still running, so I utilized all of the pre-programmed workouts as well as creating my own. I don't need anything so fancy now that I'm not running anymore, so the only bell & whistle feature I need is incline so I can keep up with hill workouts even when the weather is too inclement to go outdoors. But, as long as this one holds out, I will keep it. A lot of good miles have been run on this one, and it's sort of the last vestiges of running days I possess (I still have my lucky running leggings, which were called "tights" in the early 90s. Only races I ever placed in outside of high school cross country, I was wearing those leggings! And by races I placed in, I mean two, so barely plural, but still exciting for me at the time. By the late 90s, I was starting to feel the effects of autoimmune, and got slower instead of faster, despite running every day.)

I had dance class this morning. The dances I have down, I REALLY have down. To the point, our instructor got lost this morning and I kept going...and then I realized everyone was in a different place, thought I did something wrong, but turned out the instructor missed a few counts and everyone was thrown off. lol It's not a good day, however. I've been headachy since I woke up this morning--actually woke up a little before 7 but felt like crap, so didn't get up until 8. 

After class, I visited Doc who had a heart attack 3 weeks ago and is in the hospital. He is not expected to ever come home. It was a very hard visit. Clara broke down while Doc was napping during my visit and my heart just breaks for her. She's my good friend but in some ways a mother figure too, so my heart broke for her in all of those ways. I think we always seek out parental figures/mentors in our lives. As much as Doc is that parent/mentor for me, he is even more so for hubs, so I'm worried about him, too, but I'm reminded that both hubs and I have maintained ever since his first heart attack that Doc deserves to die with dignity and on his own terms. Doc seems to have accepted his fate and has indicated he is ready to 'go home'. He was lucid for about 5 or 10 minutes of my visit today. His hands were ice cold. He's very weak but in good spirits.

I think autumn has fully arrived to central Illinois. The trees are turning, the evenings are getting chilly and today it's overcast with occasional drizzle. I love early fall--not so much late fall and winter, but early fall is amazing with all the colorful foliage, golden fields and crisp air. Now that my treadmill is working again, I'm more in the mood to walk outdoors. Go figure, huh?

Pumpkin spice--who here lives for this? I'm already over it. I'm happy with a bit of pumpkin spice, but it is sooooo overhyped in the USA. At least it is in the Midwest where pumpkins are mostly harvested. That said, Morton (where BIL Gary lives) is considered the pumpkin capital of at least Illinois (possibly the Midwest), and we took the boys in the annual Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade earlier this month. 

Energy levels could still use a boost. When I woke up this morning with a migraine, my first instinct was to crawl back under the covers and call it a day. But, I'm feeling better overall than I was a couple of months ago, and I'm paying for the dance classes, so decided to give it a shot and if I was still feeling like crap, I'd duck out of class early. I did end up feeling better! Not great though, so not sure what the rest of my day looks like yet. I'm making enchiladas for supper--that's my big afternoon project, I suppose. 

Speaking of dance class:

Only 2 of us really took the "come to class dressed in cowboy hats/boots" to heart. lol Panama hat & combat boots are about as close as I come to cowboy, but I love costumes, and did my best. (I doubled the bandana I'm wearing around my neck as my face mask that day.) The guy in the black hat was an AMAZING dancer--he used to teach clogging, and was awesome...he's in Florida now until spring.

Happy Tuesday! ♥


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