Metaphor Muse

Thought maybe I was in the mood for poetry, but the metaphor muse seems to be sleeping, so I'll funnel some creative angst out this way. I did attempt a poem earlier today, but it sucks, and didn't nudge the muse awake.

Travel hates me, so I spent most of my weekend in bed. Today is looking better, and my goal is to human. I finally unpacked from our Minnesota trip. 

A huge financial burden has been lifted from my shoulders very recently and I keep hoping that the autoimmune symptoms will improve since stress has been cut in half. Not quite there yet, but my shoulders feel lighter, so it's a start.

On today's agenda: start my ViRALL miles, get some housework done, get my fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes rotated and start on a peacock  art project for our friends. (I am still working on the cross stitch for my senior and a couple other things, too. Not sure I'll get to them today.)

Maybe the metaphor muse will wake up after I do some creative work, because I do think creativity is her alarm clock. Even when it is poorly done.


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