Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Keeping up with dance lessons, if nothing else. I've even been practicing at home when I have some spare pockets of energy! Both belly dance and line dance. Shocker: I don't completely suck. I'm not a good dancer (yet), but I am catching on, and that's more than I ever thought possible. Still don't like country music very much, but the dances are a lot of fun, and I focus on the moves, not the music. ha

Hubs and I are talking about beginning ballroom/salsa dance lessons in mid-October. I'll keep you posted there, but he seems really interested and after his stroke, I think things like dance will help him with memory, etc. Not to mention, what a sweet thing for a married couple to do together. ♥

I've been making recipes from my low carb cookbook, and they have been delicious! I didn't think Peanut Butter Stew sounded very good, but I was very wrong. It was AMAZING. I made it too spicy for my wimpy taste buds, so I'll add less chipotle in adobo sauce next time, but there will definitely be a next time.

Things are progressing on the new back deck. We're ordering sliding doors for the dining room this week and the work will begin around the holidays.

Next Saturday we'll be going to the Quad Cities (Illinois/Iowa border) with our good friends to see Disenchanted at Circa 21.

Bestie Cathy has a birthday this week, and her party will be on Friday night. She's the one battling lung cancer, so she's keeping it pretty small. I hope to make her a lowish-carb flourless chocolate cake with berries & whipped cream, if the Vitamin D continues to give me more energy.

My treadmill looks like it went kaput. We've gotten our money out of it--it's about 14 years old and other than a couple of years, I've used it pretty regularly. Hubs began to use it, too, in the past couple of years.

The power surge took out a few more things too--we've already replaced the coffee maker.


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