Sunshine Super(wo)man

I was going to call this Crawling Back to Life, but this is my favorite Donovan song, and I JUST SAW the ROLLING STONES live!!! So, my brain is in this era of music at the moment.

So. I have an answer as to why I felt so very low in energy and life, and it's not a completely terrible thing but not good, either. My Vitamin D levels were nearly non-existent. As a matter of fact, I was at 3. Should be at a minimum of 20. To be honest, my brain has been pretty murky this entire time, but at least I know why. I'm up to a whole whopping 7 now. Still VERY LOW, but I'm feeling a bit more alive and I'm on an intensive Vitamin D therapy now. Still oral vitamins--but if I can't get above 15 before my next visit (I believe Dec 2nd), I'll get the injection.

I've been struggling mightily since my birthday in late July, but I've still been trying to human here and there. So, this post is only to get you up to speed on those things--I'll save the rest for other posts.

I've been attending line dancing classes whenever I can. I've actually got a couple of the dances completely down. It's been so much fun! I'm in class at least until October 21st. On the topic of dance--I met one of my Stygian Kitten Sisters (metal/dark fusion belly dance)! It was at my friend Gambit's magic show last week and was totally by accident. On the topic of fitness--I'm about to sign up for a gym membership where they offer DANCE CLASSES. No indoor pool, but they have an outdoor one in the warmer months.

I saw JAGGER's SWAGGER! Wow. On a whim (and thankfully I was up for the road trip!) hubs and I decided to drive 3 hours to St. Louis to see the Stones on Sunday. With the death of Charlie Watts, I felt it was my last opportunity to ever see them live. It was so worth it. (Hubs saw them in the 70s in Peoria...) The Revivalists opened for them. I'm pretty ambivalent there, but I did like Wish I Knew You (When I Was Young) when it came out a few years ago, so I was happy to see them instead of some washed up 80s band!

The other very cool thing we've done recently is to walk with the puppy boys at the Morton Pumpkin festival earlier this month on the 18th. I also saw bestie Jenn, and I can't remember off-hand if I posted about that, or not...but we got to hike at one of our old favorite haunts.

We had an almighty power surge that took out a few of our electronics and a bunch of USB adapters we had plugged in. Most tragically, it wiped out our coffee maker with built-in grinder and my treadmill. Also took out our ice-maker, but not the entire fridge/freezer unit. It tried to take out a laptop, too, but we were able to bring it back to life after $150 to the repair shop.

Our back deck is starting to rot, so we're going to have it redone and upgraded! A bit bigger so we will have room enough for a table & chairs.

As for writing, I've managed some poetry (mostly found poetry) lately. That's about it. I plan to do NaNoWriMo but as a rebel. I have 2 novels I need to finish writing. I have only given one of those novels much thought, so I need to use October to plan out a strategy.


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