Cannot Stay Healthy

So far Year #52 hasn't been so stellar. Ear infection came back. AGAIN. Z-Pak (sp?) this time around for 5 days and I'm okay right now. (Crossing fingers & toes.) At least no steroids this time around, so hopefully I can start on the weight loss journey again. I also went to dance class (line dancing) today and had a great time. Wore me out though, but the folks there are so encouraging and friendly. There is a lady there in her late 50s that has been especially welcoming, but she is a bit lost like I am with the steps yet. She's in the class for weight loss, and I think we might be the token rockers in the group because she requested a pop rock (Bruno Mars) song today! There are 3 people there who actually know the steps even better than our instructor, so I have graduated to being in the middle because 2 of the excellent dancers were in the back row and the other good dancer was up front with the instructor, so I always had someone to look at. Still spent a fair amount of time with tangled feet, but I'm in love with the waltzes. They feel so graceful, though I may not exactly look graceful doing the steps yet, but it's very flowy--that flow is why I love belly dance so much.

I have SO. MUCH. TO. DO. I had just barely started to play catch-up last week when the swelling hit hard again, so my floors are a disaster right now.

It's hubs's 50th high school reunion this weekend. His besties are starting to arrive in town, and tonight we are going to meet up with his band mates. We're picking up pizza, the guys are going to jam and I'll be taking some video (or maybe just audio??) and keeping hubs's Bestie Rick's wife (Melinda) company because she doesn't know anyone else in this area.

My Bestie Jenn was in town this weekend. I was up for a 2 mile easy hike on Sunday even though I still looked like Quasimodo. That used to be the way we spent our bestie time when she still lived in the area--we hiked probably twice a week back then and usually brought the girls, who were still children at the time. It was soooooo good to see her! ♥

I did something maybe stupid. I haven't done this in 25 years, but after our hike on Sunday, my hips and  shoulders were super tight so I suggested we swing on the playground adjoining the hiking path and then...I did a cartwheel. 3 point landing, but my legs were a lot straighter than I expected. And between my shoulder blades is STILL feeling better. I can't do anything that requires a flexible back these days, but the cartwheels may be a keeper. 11 years of tumbling and gymnastics is proving useful in my middle years. Who knew?

I think I'm just sick of being sick because I'm uber antsy and angsty right now. I have been writing a lot of found poetry this past week and studying Italian because what else am I gonna do? I don't have much patience, however, so I'm not ambitious enough to write any long pieces right now.

We have had major electricity woes that started over the spring/summer months. Looks like we'll be getting an electrician in here next week, as the breakers keep tripping and we are down TWO laptops. I think the one is completely fried. The other might be salvageable, but I'll need to take it in because it's above my paygrade to figure out how to fix it. Big Bertha (the one I'm using right now) is our only computer besides our phones. My vision isn't good enough to use the phone as my computer, so I'm thankful we have 3 laptops.

Our deck is also beginning to rot out. We've replaced rotted sections as needed over the years, but it's time for an entire deck replacement. We are going to expand the deck--I'm super stoked about that! If it isn't too cost prohibitive, we'd like to take out a window in the dining room and replace it with sliding glass doors. Our builder came out today and we should have a quote soon to see if the sliders are in the realm of possibility.

I've cooked a couple of meals recently that will become staples in our house. One is super rich, and not at all diet friendly, but it is delicious--I recreated the Scallops Pernod that we loved so much in Wisconsin and it turned out even better than I hoped for. Searing scallops isn't hard, but you do have to babysit the seafood quite intently and they cook rapidly, so it's easy to overcook. I was afraid I had undercooked them, but they turned out perfect. The other dish is because I'm still trying to figure out good ways to use up our garden bell peppers and zucchini. I found an Italian recipe for braised chicken & peppers and I adapted it heavily, because I turned it into a Mexican dish and added zucchini. Anyway, I cut a jalapeno (also from our garden) for this meal and even though I washed my hands several times before this happened, I must have had the oils from the pepper still on my fingers because I absent-mindedly rubbed my left eye and-OUCH. Luckily my eyes have improved so much the past few months that I feel this is a very minor setback, but that eye is still on fire whenever I add drops (2 days later). I'm monitoring this and I have about a half bottle of the antibiotic drops left, just in case...

I really do feel like I might finally be done with all the infection crap. This time, I went to the doc in the box immediately when I realized this stupid thing was coming back again. My immune system is completely whack though, so *knock wood*. But, because I'm more confident it's over this time around (energy levels perked up starting yesterday again), I signed hubs and I up to walk with the puppy boys for the Morton Pumpkin Festival parade on the 18th. We get t-shirts, but I don't know if the puppers will get matching bandanas or not.

Also, my hair is starting to grow back thicker after losing about 1/3 of it to autoimmune. Wouldn't that be the best thing ever if I'm starting to head into remission? 


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