It's Alive!

And by "it", I mean me. I'm alive. Had my follow up appointment today and I'm on zero restrictions-wahoo! I've had travel migraines all week, but today was definitely better and I'm excited to go out and walk again! I have missed it. My biggest remaining issue outside of the nasty headaches is mustering enough energy to effectively human. I'm still very out of spoons.

So, hubs might have lied a tiny bit when he told me he was "traveled out" as we came home from Chicago. I say this because we do have the weekend trip to French Lick, Indiana coming up but now we also plan to go to the Quad Cities with another couple to see the musical Disenchanted at Circa 21 next month (dinner theatre). Sounds like Once Upon A Mattress and Fractured Fairy Tales rolled into one! Brenda just had her ankle replaced, and this is about a month out, so I'm not sure how much mobility she'll have by then for what we normally like to do together which is haunt antique malls (she cannot put any weight at all on her ankle for at least 3 more weeks--her surgery was on the 11th of August, so yikes. Their house is NOT conducive for recovery, as it's multi-leveled. One of those beautiful homes built in the 1970s that had steps leading everywhere. They have 4 levels in their home!) As an aside, we go to Chicagoland and the Quad Cities so often, I don't really think of those as vacation destinations for us---they are almost local, so I didn't pick up any postcards this past weekend and I'm not even sure that the area of Illinois & Iowa (Quad Cities) has any big assortment of postcards, so I likely won't get any there, either...in hindsight, I know that Chicago Botanic had postcards, and I thought for a quick second that I might get some, but our tram ride was at that same time, so I forgot about them until it was too late.

We also plan to take the puppy boys to the Morton Pumpkin Festival later this month to march in their parade--they got all fufu on Tuesday and the vet where they are groomed (Primo is our biter, and NO groomers outside of vets will work with him these days) and this particular vet is sponsoring the parade walk. The humans will get t-shirts and the puppy boys are required to have a non-retractable leash and harness so no costumes, but I might get them special bandanas. We have a magician's picnic (I think we're going to take Doc & Clara's great-granddaughter with us because she LOVES hubs and magic and every time we visit, she's learned a new trick to show us! It's adorable. ♥ Ariana is 9 and in the 4th grade.) and also an astronomy picnic coming up this month, too. We have something EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND this month despite Illinois starting to close down again. Masking is required at EVERY indoor establishment again and I haven't confirmed this yet, but I believe the restaurant seating needs to be more spread out like it was before, which means occupancy is down for those establishments. I feel so badly for the boutique stores, restaurant and bar owners.

I'm more than done for the day, but since I started the new LJ groups and then got sick and ghosted them, I plan to get caught up TOMORROW. I never even had a chance to line up any scheduled posts before the plague hit! So, that'll be my focus tomorrow. And walking because--NO RESTRICTIONS!! I'M FREE! Wahoo! ♥


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