Going ViRALL

We are safely back home as of late last night. I'm exhausted, but have mostly good news to share about my visit to Minnesota. The only truly bad news is they have nothing more to help me with my eyes except possible cauterization of the tear ducts (to funnel the tears toward the surface of the eye; the idea being it will help to keep my eyes from drying out so much). The best news is that I do not have any organ involvement at this time! My heart, lungs, liver & kidneys checked out okay. They may be able to help with the chronic migraine and autoimmune symptoms. I'm scheduled to go to a fibromyalgia clinic and also a migraine specialist/clinic in July. I'm severely deficient in Vitamin D, so I will be taking a mega dose for the next SIX MONTHS. But, they felt it was contributing greatly to the heavy fatigue I feel on a daily basis, so if I can reclaim some of my energy--LOOK OUT WORLD! A Cherry Bomb is about to go off!!

In anticipation of extra energy, I signed up for The ViRALL Race Across Illinois. Since I'm gimpy and since I won't be running the miles (but I will be using my speed walk training workouts to build miles that way) I signed up for 226 miles in 100 days (beginning tomorrow), though if you are really ambitious, you could sign up for running longer distances. It's doable but would definitely challenge me, so I'm going for it. If nothing else, my miles will increase and my money is going toward St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. When I was running, I always wanted to run the Peoria to Memphis relay for St. Jude's but when I was fast enough, I was a single mom working two jobs. Then I got too slow to qualify. And now I can't even run, so I'm happy I can finally participate in some small way.


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