Pandemic with a Side of Mayo

Thought I'd pop in for a quick update. This is my 3rd day here in Minnesota. The weather has been perfect! Things are still shut down similarly to Illinois, but I was able to get coffee from Caribou this morning. They even had a self-service island for sweetener & cream, though all of that is now pre-packaged instead of being in carafes. We hear that restaurants will re-open tomorrow here with limited capacity.

The fitness room is closed here at the hotel, but my legs are a huge owie mess with vasculitis right now anyway, so I wouldn't have been using the treadmill to do any training workouts. They DO have pinball and my husband is thrilled because there is nothing else for him to do while I'm at appointments. I've been taking the shuttle from our hotel so he can hang out & play pinball, watch a movie, whatever. He'll go with me to my final appointment which should be late tomorrow. Not sure if we'll stay here an extra night, or if we'll make the drive home. Guess it depends on how exhausted we are. He might be well-rested (unlike me who is getting poked & prodded) so we might make the trip home with him doing the bulk of the driving. (It's 5 1/2 hours, so all things being normal, we'd make it home before midnight.) 

The only new thing so far, is they discovered thyroid issues. Frankly, I'm not surprised. I'm not a big eater, yet I don't lose weight. I have been hanging on to this extra 40 pounds for the past decade. I blamed it largely on not being able to run anymore, but I have felt that the inability to run didn't account for all of the extra weight. They also tested for celiac disease, and I had borderline results. I'm sure they will recommend a gluten-free diet. I am technically overweight, and it bugs me, but I guess I've had so many other issues in recent history that my appearance has taken a back seat for quite some time.

I also met with a psychiatrist yesterday and got the official PTSD diagnosis from a nightmare childhood. She also thinks I am borderline bi-polar. It was an interesting meeting. She recommended I find some group therapy whenever group therapy becomes available to us again because she felt I would benefit more from the connection with group members than working one-on-one with a therapist. (Actually she told me the very best solution for my mental health would be to have group therapy and to work with a therapist with a structured plan to augment the group therapy...)

My last appointment tomorrow is with the doctor who is managing my case, so I will have much more information by then. Today is my least busy day--but on that note, I need to jump in the shower because I have a shuttle to catch in an hour.

Peace, love & butterflies to you all from Cherry in beautiful Rochester, Minnesota. ♥


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