Two New Buds for Training!

No...not the improperly social distancing kind of buds.

No...not the buds you smoke.

No...not the flowers just beginning to bloom.


Earbuds make for good fitness accountability
Earbuds make for good fitness accountability

I have a checkered history with earbuds. I must have the oddest shaped ears around, although I hear my issue with keeping earbuds from falling out on the regular isn't terribly uncommon. These earbuds are a little more flexible, so they do stay in better than the norm. They also had 3 or 4 different soft insert sizes and I'm using the smallest ones because the others did not stay in as well. And I LOVEloveLOVE being able to have my phone on the charger upstairs while I'm working out downstairs to my favorite tunes.

These are a gift from my husband. Early birthday gift, he tells me. (My birthday is in July. Usually, my birthday means modest gifts, but he surprises me off-times with things like this. After nearly 22 years of marriage, and 27 years of friendship, he just might be a keeper! haha) I guess when I purchased PanCon (my crazy, confused training shoes), and I have continued my speed walk training, despite being in bed 3 days this week, he decided I was serious about it.

Incidentally, industrial ANYTHING is great for speed walking, running, belly dance...lots of things. The grinding beat seems to perfectly match what my feet are trying to accomplish. My preferences are industrial EDM and metal. I only had to readjust the earbuds one time during my 1/2 hour workout today. I won't be able to do yoga in these because any time my head changes position too radically, the buds still fall out, but at least they don't randomly pop out like other buds do.


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