I'm a Boot-Scootin' Boogie-ist

It's mah birthday, so I'll eat a doughnut if I want to, dance if I want to...you would dance too, if it happened to you. (My apologies to Lesley Gore...and if you don't understand the reference, I posted the video below.)

I had my first country line dance class today. It was fun and as expected, filled with retirees. I was the youngest at 52-even younger than the instructor! My feet got tangled, but it made me feel good to see that others were struggling similarly and they were not fresh newbies like me, so I actually have a shot at "getting" this. They kept trying to talk me into being in the middle of the pack. My introversion shines at events like this--I'm happy to struggle in the back row! But...next class I might feel comfortable in the middle so when we turn, I can see the other more experienced dancers and have a better idea on body and foot placement. I did not know any of the music they played, but I did recognize some steps and some I wasn't exactly familiar with but they were easier for me than for some of the other students, so I must have inherited some muscle memory from somewhere. Mostly though, I was just a little lost soul with green hair trying to keep up with all the silver haired lost souls who were just as lost as me! It was a blast and I don't know if I'll keep up with the class after this session, or if I'll dive headlong back into belly dance, but I did enjoy it very much.

Speaking of belly dance, my Egyptian cabaret group is slowly getting back into meet-ups. Just got the invitation to a hafla so I think this means classes will be starting back up again soon. Yay!

On my way home from class, I stopped off at Dunkin and got a birthday doughnut and iced vanilla coffee. YUM. Still enjoying the coffee. I asked for a medium iced--I had NO idea how HUGE they were. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. MORE CAFFEINE for me! buahaha

Da feets and even da noggin have been iffy last week and this, but I'm still doing my thing. I'm at 2.25 miles and will hopefully do 2.5 miles today--was hoping to be solidly at 3 miles again by now, but I'm happy to be where I'm at. And dancing again, to boot!

I worked in the office on Monday. It was sooooo much better than the last time. Hubs took the hint from last month and even complimented me on a spreadsheet I made to simplify his life and Holly's when it comes to documenting all of his continuing education credits. 

Today will be lower key than tomorrow as far as birthday plans. I'll be video chatting with my daughter in about a half hour and tonight we'll be going to a friend's house who is selling off all of his magic tricks, etc. It'll be good to see him and his wife again--been a few years, which is why he's selling off his magic supplies.


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