Oh, Good Gravy

We are now back to square one on retirement possibilities, and I don't know if this is still cold feet for hubs, or what. But, now I think Florida is off the table?!??! In some ways, I get this one. We'll both be on fixed incomes, so we would need to find side gigs to be able to travel like we like to travel, eat well, live in a comparable home in terms of the amount of maintenance & upkeep we would need to perform to match ours in Illinois (we have nothing fancy--it's a split-level ranch, about 3000 square feet. Honestly, it's much bigger than what we need, so we want to downsize, but even downsizing, with an older home, the price tags are more expensive in Florida.) Still, this is exasperating. So, we crunched some numbers tonight, and talked about other options (again) and we're back to eastern Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, southern Colorado/Four Corners area, Texas--which we haven't explored at all yet...and Costa Rica, Panama & Belize are maybes again, as long as we live near a major medical center.

If I had my pick, Florida is quite honestly about halfway down or towards the bottom on this list for me, and I was quite against it in the beginning, but hubs thought we could make it work. If we stay stateside, Knoxville/eastern Tennessee is pretty amazing. Yes, it does get cold, but not nearly as bad as it does here. All I want to escape is the bone-chilling cold that just never lets up during the winter months and the sub-zero weather which we usually have a week or two of each winter. Healthwise, it's a disaster for me and is beginning to be for hubs, too.

With our daughter living in California, our best option would be Four Corners or southern Colorado (may not get so cold, but I'm not a huge fan of snow, either) so we could visit her more often and maybe we could even spend the holidays together. (Hubs HATES Cali and doesn't even want to visit there, so that one is definitely not an option...)

I hate this indecisiveness and it is definitely wearing on me. If I had my druthers, there would be no question. We would already be living off the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica. That is 1000% where I want to be. He is still freaked out by the Spanish, so if we want that vibe where English is the primary language, we'd have to live in Florida or the Belize Cays or another English-speaking island nation in Central America. (We have not visited The Virgin Islands, for example...) Gah.


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