Peacock Hair

I have about half of a spoon left, but I got my hair done today and it didn't go quite as planned, but the end result is spectacular! Apparently I still have too much pepper in my natural salt & pepper (being Cuban & Native American, my hair was basically black when I was younger) which I didn't realize. I thought I was more salt than that! lol So...I couldn't just get highlights and they told me I would need to bleach again. I mostly left my hair processes up to the stylist, who was adorable & had a cute page boy cut in lavender. Anyway, she said I would be charged for a full color anyway and asked if I wanted to go full vibrant colors and I told her I'd be her blank canvas and only asked that she stay mostly in the blue family and to leave enough length that I could put my hair in a pony tail. She went FULL ON COLOR! It's mostly a jade green with blue, yellow & purple and then she mixed some colors so I also have a bit of teal hanging out in there. Because of all the greens, I'm calling it peacock hair, but I've heard the term galaxy hair, too. Hubs possibly had the best name for it though--he told me it reminded him of those iridescent green beetles (scarabs?)! bahaha

Because so much extra time was needed today-- my stylist spent nearly her full workday with me--7 HOURS, I didn't have enough time for the facial. I got my brows waxed before I got to the hair, at least, but I'm going to be spoiled another day next week for the facial! 

Photos are forthcoming, but I'm wiped out, so I bid you all sweet dreams until the morrow. ♥


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