Catching Up

I *think* I finally have everyone's postcards in the mail who wanted one. (I still have a couple of postcards left, if you'd like one from Florida--I think all I have left is Cedar Key & vintage (soooooo cool--I couldn't help myself).

We are actually planning on more travel. Eagle Lake, WI. Hummingbird Haven in IL (a daytrip). Another daytrip to Cahokia Mounds for just me. French Lick, IN. Hubs is going back to Las Vegas for 5 days in August too. He and his family keep trying to talk me into going, too, but honestly, I'll just be happy to have a few days by myself with the furbabies. ♥ Also very happy to travel again, but Vegas is one of those places that I like in small increments. I don't gamble, so all I do is people watch and go to shows when I'm there.

My head is still iffy. Of course, so is the weather, which is probably the biggest migraine trigger at the moment. 

At HUB'S suggestion, I think we're going to try out the #EmbraceKitchenDancing movement--as luck would have it, their next free class is just two days before my birthday. So...my birthday present will be dancing with my husband. Best gift ever! ♥

And, finally, proof that the 1/8 Blackfoot that I am, rules the day. I always tan red. I didn't think that I tanned in FL, but apparently I did. I look way more Blackfoot than Cuban here, but I loved seeing my dance sisters and had to share. (And, I should have posed goofy too, knowing these two, but meh...): 

Jennie, T-Raqs & Cereza. We are the original habibi squirrel sisters. ♥
Jennie, T-Raqs & Cereza. We are the original habibi squirrel sisters. ♥


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