7 Doggos, 2 Miles & 1 Walk

My feet are doing better walking on pavement in my neighborhood vs. the treadmill walks right now, which is contrary to the articles I read, but it's nice out these days, so I'm game! Much like when you're traveling by car & check out which state the plates are all from, I count how many furbabies I see out and about. Today, despite it being misty and cool, I counted 7 pups. And, I started out the week at only 3/4 of a mile, but my feet are doing much better so I ended up at 2 miles today. Still on the every other day schedule, but about to add thank you laps and dance into the mix on my cross-training days. If this coming week is as good as this past week has been, I feel like I can start walking daily again! I'm still walking slowly (today was nearly 18 minute miles but a couple of small hills), but I'm pleased as punch that things are going so well.

Got a pot of gumbo going in the slow cooker. About to add the seafood and a little bit of heat soon. Can't wait until it's ready!

It's been a tough week with migraines, but I'm hanging in there okay. I'll catch up with everyone's journals tomorrow. xoxo ♥♥♥


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