Hustle & Shine

Woke up with a migraine this morning, so I went back to bed and slept until 11am! Yikes. Nothing like waking up and half the day is gone, but my head is feeling better (tummy is not quite there yet) so I should get moving soon.

I always say I'm going to snap a photo of this tree that I have loved ever since we moved into the neighborhood. We moved here nearly 24 years ago! But, I never seem to have my camera in hand. I've been using Map My Walk for my outdoor walks and thought I FINALLY captured it yesterday. I even waited for 2 cars to pass. I took 2 photos. Apparently when I'm in the app, my photos don't go to the phone's album and you have to tell Map My Walk that you're going to take a picture? I dunno, but I wanted to share it today and it is nowhere to be found on my phone. Not in my albums. Not in the app. =( Boo.

It was a good day yesterday. I went for my first walk over a mile since Memorial Day weekend-hooray! Da feets feel okayish today. I'm adopting an every other day plan these days to give them a rest and I'm walking at just slightly over a relaxed pace, since speed seemed to exacerbate the pain.

Then, I got happy mail! I signed up for a summer fitness program-it's too intense for me so I'm adapting where I can, but I got the swag yesterday! A cute tank and bracelet that both say 'hustle & shine' and a winner's medal (very cute--not sure what I'll do with those, but for now they are next to my treadmill for added inspiration) and sunglasses.

Met with two of my dance sisters for dinner last night. It had been more than two years since I saw either of them! Fun night. We met at one of my favorite local restaurants. It has a brand new owner and chef, but the previous owner who I got to know quite well (Shelly) must have given the new chef/owner some of her recipes in the deal because they are still on the menu. New items too, and he kept the same format of cooking whatever he feels like for the daily specials --these specials are not menu items. Best of all for me (worst of all for my waistline) is that he always has a bread pudding on the daily special. YUM. Anyway, Meghan (aka T-Raqs or Megs) is no longer dancing and gifted me with some cool belly dance gear! A body chain, 2 tops, a coin scarf and hair pretties. I bought dinner. I'm contemplating a dance class this fall with the park district and a couple of online ones with the Stygian Collective. I really should check to see if my instructor is holding classes again too. I haven't been dancing either because of da feets, but yesterday seemed very promising that I'm making progress, so I think I'll be ready to take dance again in 6 weeks--which is when the park district and most places begin their new sessions.

As I'm typing, this fucker of a migraine is coming back. =( I have too much to do today for this crap. Gah. I do think I know *why* I have a migraine and that is because Aunt Flo is visiting. She doesn't come every month now, but she usually brings a couple of gifts--migraines and severe cramps are the ones she almost always brings. This time she only brought a migraine. The last time she visited was when we were in Vegas in March. Thought for sure she'd show up when we were in Florida, because she loves to travel with me, but luckily she waited until we were back home this time.

Stuff to do: We still have ants! The pest control peeps are coming back tomorrow. We think we found the ants' big hill. It's out behind our shed. I need to match the paint color of our dining room to fix a chunk of paint that's missing. When hubs and the freighbor teen moved the china cabinet, they nicked the wall and there is this glaring white spot staring us down where the gray paint chipped off. It's a bluish gray, and we no longer have that paint, but I'm pretty ace at mixing & matching colors, so I got some acrylics out and hopefully I can make it look good again. I'm still sorting through boxes and photographs. Truthfully, I'm getting tired of sorting through all the photos, so I'm putting them aside for a bit. It was fun at first, but now it's daunting. Go to the dispensary--they are still on shortened hours, so I went after dinner with my dance sisters last night to find they were already closed. Drop stuff off at Goodwill. Or Mission Mart. I love both places, but being very agnostic, I like the work they do better at Goodwill. (We still have a Salvation Army as well, but it's out of the way for me, so I seldom go there...and same thing as Mission Mart; I prefer Goodwill's charity work.)

Before I drive, I have to shake this effing migraine, however. Off to medicate, sit in the massage chair (my shoulder & neck are also killing me on the same side as the migraine) and try to stomach a little something to eat. Happy Hump Day! ♥


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