Posty (Again)

I must have really missed you all while we were away! lol A couple of quick mentions about the weekend.

Hubs is performing magic on the riverfront tonight. I dropped him off where he is with our magician friend, Yort (Troy/Yort & his neuro-nurse girlfriend accompanied us on our trip to Vegas shortly after hubs's stroke). I have the house to myself! A couple of projects--painting the deck (again) and medicating the poor puppy boys in about 1/2 hour because some stray firecrackers have already startled my poor baby black bear.

I went for an actual walk tonight and my feet lived to tell the tale. They are sore, but I got 3/4 mile down before they cried uncle. Hooray! I feel like I can keep up an every other day schedule with walking now, and will start to add distance. I think I want to focus on distance rather than speed right now, because it was the speed that caused all the problems in May. Today my average speed was 17 minute miles. Ugh. Soooo ssslllooooowwww. I keep reminding myself that I cannot compare today's progress with yesterday's anymore, but still. It's a sobering realization that I've become so puny. As for breath--totally still in shape for a much faster pace, but I don't want to ruin the progress I've been making with my feet and they were letting me know when I was walking faster than they wanted me to walk.

I am so stinking glad that the telescope sold quickly and I did not have to put up with all the drama that selling the boat brought. I didn't realize how much I dreaded posting stuff on Market Place until today. The relief is real.

I also joined an online writers' group in Pensacola. They meet locally as well. There is also a Gulf Coast Writers organization I might be interested in. It's a writers' guild with paid speakers and that sort of thing, so it costs to be a member, but could be worth it.

ADDENDUM: I also signed up for another 5K since I'm feeling so good about the state of da feets (and also focusing on distance, not speed right now): https://runsignup.com/Race/CA/Anywhere/BeeHappy5K10K?raceRefCode=IpmWQkhC


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