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♪ I'll start with Thursday because Monday-Wednesday were uneventful. I'm still recuperating from the trip, even today, but it was worth it. Anyway, capturing stuff in bullets because apparently that is the way my brain is working today.

♪ I met my friend Cathy on Thursday. She's going through chemo for lung cancer and she was wiped out when we met for lunch, but she looked good and her tumor is shrinking, which is excellent news! We met at a Lebanese diner (for those who don't know Peoria, there is a HUGE Lebanese population here. We jokingly refer to them as the Lebanese mafia because many of them have gone beyond business owners and have been heavily involved in politics--many of Peoria's mayors and even Congressman Ray LaHood (side note: I went to school with LaHoods) are from here) and there was this perfect little sign for the occasion facing Khoury's kitchen.

Khoury's Mediterranean Cuisine: https://places.singleplatform.com/khourys-cuisine/menu?ref=Yahoo
Khoury's Mediterranean Cuisine: https://places.singleplatform.com/khourys-cuisine/menu?ref=Yahoo

♪ Also met up with our good friends Dennis & Brenda. Until politics are brought up, I adore them (and also Cathy & Harry). Honestly, I'm so pissed off at both major parties right now, that I'm very a-political, which is a position I never thought I'd be in because I started out life as a little activist (I was all about save the whales and harp seals when I was a kid), so I am beginning to abhor these pro-Trump dinners with friends and family. I would love, just for one evening, for politics to not even be brought up. Sigh. (Note: when Trump was just a sad, delusional reality TV star, I thought he was funny. So, I didn't go into this hating on him. I still don't know that I actually have a capacity to hate someone I don't even know, especially since I feel he is delusional, but the past 6 years or so have gotten me pretty close to that affectation.) We went to Applebee's which isn't my favorite place in the world, but we did have a nice meal there.

♪ Wardruna pulled out of the 2021 concert circuit, so we won't be seeing them in October this year. =( Hopefully next year, if we're still in the area.

♪ Pest control came out on Thursday and while we only have a stray ant or two crawling around this morning, Primo Puppy must be sensitive to the chemicals because he hasn't been feeling well. =( I asked the guy while he was here about the effect of the chemicals on pets, and he assured me it was safe, but...poor Primo. If it isn't the chemicals, it could be stress from the fireworks. He doesn't react to them as badly as Reno does (he's going deaf) but he does tremble when the fireworks/lightning is loud. (Cressie and Reno are okay from pest control--but we bit the bullet and got doggie Xanex for Reno because he's so terrified of fireworks. I might see if Primo can stomach one too, and maybe he's feeling poorly because of anxiety, too...)

♪ Get the ants under control and the fan conks out on the a/c. Fortunately it is GORGEOUS today, but it's supposed to be 90 again by tomorrow. So, we got someone out today and it was a quick, easy fix. Apparently the birds have been messy with the sunflower seeds, and they spilled into the outside a/c unit. The mice then went after the leftover seeds and chewed through the wire that tells the furnace to run the fan. Ain't home ownership grand? Le sigh.

♪ Ran errands in just our little neighborhood today. I got Subway for lunch, spirits for tonight and milk. The ice cream station (Swirls) is on the same property as the liquor store (same owner) and they decorated their little pink elephant for the occasion. I watched them dress the elephant patriotically, so I snapped a photo.

I named him/her Swirly since he's the mascot at Swirls. I actually don't know if they've named him/her...I'll have to ask next time I'm there.
I named him/her Swirly since he's the mascot at Swirls. I actually don't know if they've named him/her...I'll have to ask next time I'm there.

♪ Actually, I guess Wednesday was not altogether uneventful. I had a migraine, and it was nasty for a while, but it mellowed into a creative Alice In Wonderland one. The migraine gifted me with a poem that I can actually do something with. It came to me in rhyme and isn't funny on its face, but could easily be. Hubs is trying to talk me into performing in the comedy/magic open mic night on Sundays with him. All I have to offer is funny poetry or bad belly dance! lol I have a handful of Dr. Seuss inspired poetry too, but most of that is very serious in nature. I adopted the childlike rhyme to soften the darkness of my words, but I might be able to do something similar. I really need to get back to poetry/spoken word open mics now that they are happening again. 

♪ We might have a local buyer for the telescope! He'll come to look at it on Sunday and it's practically new. Hubs just can't see through it well enough for it to be useful for him anymore and my interest waned on astronomy a few years ago. (Pretty sure it was the hot, sweaty, mosquito-filled and the bitter cold star parties that convinced me that astronomy was a hobby and not a serious love for me! lol)


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