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♪ Getting back into the swing of things. Took it fairly easy yesterday. Caught up on laundry, unpacked & all that jazz. Since I don't travel all that well, I was happy to get any humaning accomplished!

♪ Got a psych-blues playlist going on YouTube right now. Just seemed like a good day for the blues! Mike Zito is touring again, so we're hoping to get a chance to see him this summer.

♪ We came home to...ants. =( Pest control won't be able to make it out until Thursday, and I'm a nervous Nellie using Raid around the furbabies, but I've been getting the window sills and cabinet edges. As an aside, I find ants fascinating--just NOT in my kitchen! haha I was that tomboy who played with bugs and snakes when I was small and one year I asked for an ant farm for Christmas. I didn't get it--from a parent's vantage point, I think it was all for the best because I was also a hippie and could easily have decided to "set them free" and unleash all the little critters into the house.

♪ Making pot roast in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. YUM. After all that delicious seafood in Florida, I want to make gumbo later this week, too.

♪ Video chatted with my daughter yesterday afternoon. I couldn't be with her for her 30th birthday last year (September 12th), so we're making plans to either meet up with her somewhere fun (possibly Florida again) or I'll spend a few days with her in California. (Hubs is not interested in going to Cali--I'm excited to see my bebecita and to visit some of the national parks and the Bay--plus, I must get a photo at Haight & Ashbury! lol I'm kinda with him on California overall, however. It's like central & south Florida on steroids with the traffic and the nonstop commotion. In all fairness, I've not been anywhere except LA, so I'm sure the entire state isn't quite that bad, but I'm guessing San Francisco isn't a lot better.)

♪ I'm still a little worse for wear from the trip, so between housework today, I'll sprinkle in some self-care. My manicure is still hanging on, but I did get a chip on Sunday, so it's time for some fresh nails. I need to soak my feet (I got along better on the trip than I thought I would, but it wasn't good.), use the massage chair, do some yoga, etc. If I'm up for it, I'll try a thank you lap tonight.

On that ♪, I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday! I'm off to finish my cuppa and get some housework done.


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