Outings, Lupus & Updates (Oh My!)

○ Bestie is feeling better & thinks she'll be here for her mom's birthday today after all. Yay!

○ Speaking of Bestie, she also has plantar fasciitis, and I think I'm giving my Strassburg sock to her, because...lupus. =( My entire leg is now inflamed with vasculitis and I'm hobbling anyway.

○ Bobert got his Carvana car yesterday. Took it for a spin around the block, came in and immediately declared he wanted to return it. For those who asked if Carvana was a viable way to buy a car-I'm going to say that the car he ordered was delivered, on time no less, but their customer service is worse than awful and for me, I *need* to test drive the actual car I'm going to buy. And, it's just as much hassle as it is buying from a dealership, but there you at least have salespeople willing to do backflips to make you happy and with Carvana, you may or may not get your questions answered and it may or may not be half a day later. Nopevana for me!

○ I met some of my Color Street teammates and our team manager (who was visiting from Texas) last night. =) The manager grew up midway between Peoria and Bloomington, and she came with two teammates from Bloomington + the cutest baby boy. We met at Mission BBQ in Peoria and there were two Peoria teammates there. The meeting was a 'getting to know you' type, but I was less than inspired. The two ladies from Peoria were great, but the teammates from Blo-No gave me bad vibes, I guess, and the manager must have been exhausted (she and her family got in to town on Saturday and she's been on the go since she got here) because she was pretty low energy. I wasn't feeling well, so I probably gave off equally low energy myself, and maybe that colored the entire evening from my perspective. Anyway, the bbq and all the sauces I tried were excellent so I will go back! I had fun, especially meeting the two Peoria women, and I'm glad I went. That said, I came home, snugged on the furbabies, chatted with hubs and was in bed by 9pm.

○ I'm exhausted. I've had so much energy lately that it's almost easy to forget I even have autoimmune, but right now life refuses to let me forget I have lupus & Sjogren's --every single moment. I think I've used up all of my spoons and have dug into the reserves because I'm completely sapped of energy and motivation. I've had a headache for a few days--the sort that easily turn into migraines, so I've been minimizing all the triggers I can. My eyeballs hate me. I have a rash all over my neck and chest that's driving me crazy (I assume it started out as a heat rash) and now the vasculitis on my legs. It's enough to make me want to scream, but instead, I've been writing angsty prose poetry! (Sometimes I think this perimenopause thing is very much akin to all the crazy hormonal issues we go through as teens! haha) As much as I fought applying for disability, it was the right thing to do. Full time work would destroy me anymore. =( 


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