I Feel Like Secret Birthday Santa

My bestie is sick. :( Her mama has a birthday on Tuesday and Bestie doesn't want to make her aging parents sick  and she lives almost 2 hours away. So...there is a plan afoot.

Note: Bestie's parents somewhat adopted me over the years. I must have just had that neglected look about me as a teen, because they've always been like my surrogate parents, since the day I met them, and things have not changed at all today--almost 40 years! I'm even in on some of the inside family jokes, and it just makes me feel so warm and loved. So...

Bestie's parents are not tech savvy. Bestie can't be there for her mama's birthday. I am tech savvy. Bestie is, too. We can video chat with ease. I asked her if I could surprise her mama with a balloon bouquet and a video chat from her favorite daughter. (Bestie is her only daughter! baha She has 2 younger brothers, who are kinda like my own brothers too.)


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