Listens: The Black Angels

The Boat Song

The Black Angels is my favorite band and I love this song, but it isn't why I'm posting it. WE FINALLY SOLD OUR BOAT!! Closer to Free has evolved into FREEDOM and money in our bank account. YASSSSS! I'm a happy camper.

The O2COOL necklace fan I bought today--I bought his and hers. We are officially old folks now.
The O2COOL necklace fan I bought today--I bought his and hers. We are officially old folks now.

I went to Walgreens today where Brenda told me they had those battery-operated necklace fans. They had them! Only 2 colors, so I got a purple one for me and a gray one for hubs. We'll take them to Florida. Well, I definitely will take mine since the hot flash situation has NOT improved with the 90F, humid summer weather--hubs will probably be stubborn and leave his behind, unless I pack it. They also had new-to-me eye drops that are advertised as "intense" and they are good. Not sure they are worth twice the price of my normal, already expensive OTC drops, but we shall see. ($25USD for a .33 fl oz bottle) I'm still wiped out and I have a full week at the office this coming week. Apparently the Carvana thing continues to be a saga, according to their regular assistant, and I might be in for a looooonnnnnggg week. (As far as I'm concerned, I will NEVER use Carvana, solely based on the lousy customer service.) So, I'm laying low and doing a lot of resting the eyeballs. 

Incidentally, I should do that now instead of frittering my afternoon away on the computer and frying my eyeballs even more. ENJOY the rest of your Sunday!! ♥

EDIT: I forgot to give an update on the Strassburg sock! I read that I might have made it too tight (my big toenail felt bruised after wearing it), so I loosened it last night, and wore it for 7.5 hours before it drove me to distraction! I actually took it off and slept for another hour. lol


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