Friday Update In Bullets

A couple of edits are at the end of this post-written a few hours later.

○ Eyeballs are still giving me some trouble, but much better than they were on Wednesday.

○ Feet are worse than they were earlier in the week, so I'm on the hunt for those socks that keep your feet flexed. When I run errands today, I'll go to my running store to see if they have any my size in stock. My thank you lap last night was just that--not as painful as last month, but painful enough I stopped at a quarter mile.

○ So busy. I did absolutely nothing Wednesday during the day except rest my eyeballs, but the rest of the past two weeks has been pretty crazy for someone who has a limited amount of spoons available. (If you are unfamiliar with how the terms 'spoonie' and 'spoons' came about, or if you've never heard of this before, here is a great link: Spoon Theory)

○ I have been fielding messages about our boat that is sadly STILL for sale all week. DOZENS of them because we lowered the price.

○ Wednesday night we went over to our elderly friends' home for sub sandwiches and BINGO. They had prizes! We'll have to contribute our own prizes next time! I won chocolate and a scratch-off that was a $4 winner. Fun night, but Doc's short term memory is way gone. He can still diagnose diseases, and talk about his life as a younger man in detail, so his long term memory is still in tact.

○ Last night we went out with the family. Our niece, Julie, is in town to celebrate my BIL's 81st birthday and Father's Day. We went to this little family restaurant between Peoria and Bloomington that serves excellent pie! We were stuffed, so didn't order pie, but the food is that good old fashioned Midwestern meat & potatoes fare. Comfort food for me! It was good to see everyone. We've been trying to meet up a couple of times a month. Last night, Sharon brought newspaper clippings to share & some old photographs. She also brought us some Bing cherries. YUM. 

○ Several bucket list concerts are coming up this summer and fall and I sincerely hope the world will be safe enough to actually happen! So...Korn & Staind, Wardruna, Tame Impala, New Order and Grand Funk Railroad. For sure, if the concerts are safe to attend, we are planning on Wardruna and GFR. Both of these will be destination concerts on the weekend, so we'll make a trip out of it. Wardruna is the night of the New Order concert--both in Chicago, so we might be able to attend both, as New Order is at a street fest during the day and Wardruna is at a college theatre that same night. GFR will be at French Lick, Indiana--I've never been, but it sounds like a great getaway.

○ I am STILL fielding questions about the boat. Lined up 3 people to see it this afternoon. I hope upon hope this thing sells today so I don't have to worry about it anymore! But, I probably should get going. Need to fix lunch, do some financial stuff for retirement, run errands and get some housework done. The whole spoon thing means on the days I work, I have little energy for anything else, so the housework gets ignored. 

Afternoon edits: My running store had the sleeping socks for plantar fasciitis! They don't look exceedingly comfortable, but more comfortable than the PF boots looked.  I'll let you know how they work in case any of you ever have the same issue. Hubs is currently meeting with potential buyer(s) for the boat. Please send positive vibes that we'll be able to make a sale. Meanwhile, the messages keep rolling in. I'm kind of biding time before I respond to these new ones to see if a sale will be made today. Went to the dollar store for cleaning supplies, too. They also had a hand pump for my yoga ball for $2, so I got that as well. Cheaper than a new yoga ball! No personal battery-operated fans though. I'm looking for one for our trip. My good friend Brenda says that Walgreens has them...I need to stop at a pharmacy this weekend for new allergy meds & eye drops anyway, so I'll look for one then. My feet were angry with me, so I opted not to stop there. My eyes though? Much better than they were earlier in the week. A little irritated, but not as blurry. It's a mix of good, bad and ugly today! haha


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