Despite the eyeballs not being on their best behavior, work was the perfect amount of busy today. I had no downtime the entire day, but there were no rush jobs either. It's nice to ease into being the second assistant, though I've been doing this long enough that even the super crazy days or the super boring days are manageable, even when I come in after a break.

But, about that 'just depositing my checks into the bank' that I spoke of in yesterday's post? I already spent this week's check! bahaha I really just needed a couple of things, but I went to Big Lots for them and they have expanded their clothing choices. I don't know if I've explained exactly WHY I'm such a light packer when we travel, but one of my tricks is that I pick a color for each trip so I don't have to pack so many matching accessories (shoes are super bulky, so I generally bring walking shoes and sometimes one more pair of walking shoes, but slightly dressier...depends on what type of trip we're taking and how dressy I need to be...) and I can double up on wearing shorts/slacks, so I just need to pack extra tops. So, this trip's color will be blue (denim & royal blue). They had adorable blue capris and an equally adorable top in white & blue that I couldn't resist. So, I'm fully set for Florida...and then some!

One of things I bought today was a personal misting fan. I'm getting a hot flash approximately every hour--day and night. Sleeping has been really tough lately, but working with a hot flash produces its own challenges! #oldladyproblems I had 5 (FIVE!!!!!) today during a 6-hour workday. Fortunately I've been dealing with this for a couple of months, so I was prepared and dressed in layers. Bonus? Holly has a fan at her desk. I don't know if she gets hot flashes too (she is just one year younger than I am) but I'm so thankful for that fan, YOU JUST HAVE NO IDEA!! haha Both hubs and Bob, my brother-in-law, are scaling down and preparing for retirement. Bob is 75. Both men enjoy being lawyers, but now they are picking and choosing the cases they will take on, so I think they are both enjoying this semi-retirement/phasing out thing. The position's normal hours are 9-3 each weekday, but Holly, and of course the same goes for me, will work additional hours when the men have a lot going on and we are available to work extra.

Odd thing about waking up so much during the night--I STILL have much more energy than I did this time last year. Maybe it isn't such a crazy idea to do the "thank you sunning" thing for 20 minutes a day. I also need to give props to the CPAP. My legs are still lily white, but I have the leg tanning cream if they are still pasty by the time we leave for our trip.

I'm about to rest my eyeballs since I used them more than usual--for an extended amount of time--today and later I hope to take the bicycle out for a short spin. My feet are slowly returning to where they were before, but they've been aching for a number of years now. Since I know what I'm dealing with, I hope to get them to an even better status and I know some of that includes rest. Last night's thank you lap gave me hope though, that I'll be power walking again in earnest soon.

Closing with a nailfie. I thought I was going to hate this design (it looked way too 1980s for me) but I actually don't hate them. Not my favorite set, but I do like them much better than I thought I would. This is called As It Ferns Out and the only thing I wish I had done before this shoot was to file my nails down better, clean up the edges better and I also didn't take the photo when the manicure was still fresh. I got a little chip from digging through those boxes in the garage! Since the base color of this is so light, you can see the imperfections soooo much more readily (note for my future self). lol Not the fault of the product--just my own. On that note, I got a strange email wanting to order a WHOLE LOT of product from a woman who is disabled and her own stylist is no longer selling Color Street. Is that anyone from here? If so, please drop me a message. I'm not sure how she found my link outside of that. I did make my first outside sale (it was my cousin Chichita!!) on June 1st--the day I said I was going to start my business in earnest. I've been true to my word and I am excited to really get rolling. I so, so hope the woman who emailed me is genuine because I'd absolutely love to be her stylist based on the details she gave about herself (she sounds super cool)--the order was huge, however, and that's what got me worried...I was a retail manager for a few years so big orders always give me pause. Anyhoo--no roses were harmed in the filming of this photo--it looks like I'm crushing this poor flower to death, but I was very gentle...just wanted to make sure people could see the detail in the design. That rose is now in a floating arrangement on my kitchen/dining room counter. ♥

EDIT: Since I felt so strongly that the person who emailed me with a large order was possibly trying to scam, I sent the email upline. Apparently this is more common than you would think, and people like to prey on new stylists. My ray of sunshine group leader gave me a most excellent comeback to this sort of email--all the while keeping in mind there is a chance of it being legitimate--but will stop scammers in their tracks. I'm thinking I will never hear from her again, but if she is legitimate, I'm happy to help.


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