Everything is on pause

Before the world shut down, I was accepted as a patient at Mayo Clinic. Then my appointment was canceled while everyone hunkered down. It's back on again! Next week. Meep! So, this week will be all about making sure I have my records and insurance details figured out, arranging for a hotel (which shouldn't be too hard right now, I hope...), lining up the neighbors to take care of the fur babies, etc. I still intend on writing and speed walking, but I think my goals might have hit the trash can in those areas so everything else can get taken care of.

I have never been to Minnesota. My understanding is that we will have plenty of downtime. Problem is, I don't know how much will be open. Hubs should bring his fishing poles, I suppose. I should bring some hiking shoes.

I am relieved to finally get in to see if they can help me manage the autoimmune symptoms and help me to human more consistently, but I'm nervous and scared as much as I am hopeful. Since I am high risk, being out and about in general makes me a little bit leery. Being in a hospital for a week? Leeriness is an understatement.


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