Photo shoots?

This is my professional photo on my Cherry's Nail Poetics page and other professional things I do--but, it's 4 years old and before I decided gray was a color I could handle. It's hard to tell, but I'm dark purple here.

So--this is a weird question, but a serious one. How much would you all pay for a professional shoot? I have two cousins who could give me a family discount, too, and I would love to throw business their way. But I've never done this before because my only professional shoots outside of senior high school pics were through JC Penney or other organizations, so I didn't have to cough up any money for those (I also didn't get any copies, so there's that...).

I hate that I'm so chubby for a shoot, but I hate using an outdated photo just as much, even though it makes me look better.

Gah. This age thing really isn't for woosies, is it? lol 


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