This Girl is on Fi-yah

I love Alicia Keys--not normally the genre I keep in my collection, but something about her resonates with my spirit, as if every song she sings is a powerful anthem I need in my life. This is my anthem today. Super productive, again! My feet are reallyREALLYreally hating on me now though, so I might be done for the day on stuff that requires walking or standing, but I have some writing to do (I did some of that already this morning), some art (ditto), work for hubs and a sewing job. I'm not a great seamstress, but I can handle small rips (as long as they are near a seam), hems & buttons.

Not feeling as great as I would like to, but I'm better and must be getting my fair share of Vitamin D because I've been a machine lately which means I can haz zee energies! 

Current projects: 

Dug You're Weird: a creative journal for misfits, oddballs, and anyone else who's uniquely awesome by Kate Peterson back out this week and I've been writing some poetry and vignette pieces. That's what I was hoping for--more of the vignettes than poetry, but nonetheless, it feels superb to be writing again and to have the EYES to write for more than 10 minutes at any given time. I wrote about 1300 words this morning. Huzzah! This is what I envisioned, when I first had to give up working outside of the home. A couple hours a day of writing, submitting, querying, etc. Get my career launched; live the dream. I'd have to find some old stuff to query right now (the vignettes are for a chap book project that is about 85% complete), but I cannot tell you how stoked I am to be doing what beats my heart to a small extent again.

Working on improving my drawing skills, so I'm doodling more in my personal journal, too, and I'm on an adult coloring book kick. I use the pages I've completed in other art projects, and I'm also using the adult coloring books (and if I'm honest, writing from You're Weird) as a sort of reward system after I've completed household tasks and need to rest my feet. It's working out pretty well, actually, though the way I have to approach things anymore makes me feel super scattered. I have to switch up my tasks every half hour to an hour so no one thing craps out on me (eyes...feet...back...brain...). I never felt like I had ADD before, but I am fairly certain I do now. Might be a result of brain fog (very common for autoimmune patients) but I honestly feel it is because when I finally feel absorbed in a project, my eyes or some other body part lets me know that I need to do something else for a while.

Still studying Italian. I feel stagnated there, however. days_unfolding has been taking online coursework for Italian, and I'm thinking about it...but if I do, I think I want to go for my 4-year degree in language and humanities, creative writing or literature. It was my original undergraduate plan--I was majoring in French & German, minoring in journalism (since I already knew Spanish, it felt like kind of a waste to spend big bucks to study something I already knew as well as some instructors...) Nowadays, I want nothing to do with journalism. (My college plans were waylaid when I fell in love with a military guy...I married him, moved out to Colorado, then New Mexico, where he was stationed, and got preggers. Our marriage only lasted 4 years, but I have my beautiful bebecita, so it's all good. ♥)  

Still going through boxes. Not at the breakneck speed of a couple of weeks ago, but I'm going through one about every other day right now. The garage is starting to look a little clearer. I have a nearly full 30-gallon trash can ready to go out tomorrow, in fact. The best thing of all though, is I've been hitting the front rooms hard. Floors, windows, decluttering--the whole shebang. 

Now reading The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. I'm actually quite enchanted by the story, but it's a little slow. (I may have just stumbled on a part with more action last night...) I did read the Miss Peregrine series out of order, so I picked up the second book after I read the third. Story of my life, I swear! haha I also read Winter Journal by Paul Auster. It's non-fiction, extremely creative, but I had a little trouble getting into it for some reason. Most of my books these days have been audiobooks (Moyes and the Miss Peregrine books included) and I feel I would get much more out of this book if I could touch it, see it, and really feel the words. I like his style, and the author voiced the audiobook, so I'm certain he read it as he felt it. It definitely had its charm and I enjoyed it, but there is something I can't quite put my finger on...I'm thinking maybe something got lost in translation with written word vs. spoken word. It's the only thing I can think of, because I really did like his writing style. It was fresh. He wrote about himself a ton in third person. He was apologetic, yet not. He freely admitted his mistakes but pointed out that his foibles are the mistakes of many--divorce, crazy younger years, etc. and he was mostly pointing out those mistakes by the way they shaped him at the time of his writing. It should have moved me more than it did, and I guess I'm just trying to find out where it lost me.

Today, I got my new CPAP cleaner. I haven't even opened the box yet, so I should get going so I can get that put together. I had to fix my bed this morning. I have this ancient frame that keeps coming loose at the wing nut area and I've used pliers to tighten that puppy down as much as I can, but it comes loose about twice a year. In case you are wondering, hubs and I are a disaster together trying to get any sleep. He snores. LOUDLY. I sleep in our daughter's bedroom across the hall nowadays and I can hear his snoring and/or his radio OVER my fan, my guided meditation/night music, etc...he is starting to lose his hearing, and he prefers to sleep to political talk radio (yuck) so he keeps his radio up much too loud. I now also snore, I use a CPAP and I have night sweats like nobody's business. I'm lucky to string together an entire hour of uninterrupted sleep even in ideal conditions. This isn't such a huge issue now, but hubs's biggest complaint about me (besides the fact I started snoring about 15 years ago and some nights it must be as bad as his snoring because I've also startled him awake) is that I love to snooze in the morning. I set my alarm, but hit snooze an average of twice. He HATES that. HATES with a passion, but it is the gentlest and most preferred way for me to wake up. I hate being jolted awake in the morning. We are wholly incompatible sleeping companions, so it's a good thing we like each other when we're awake! lol


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