Sunny D

Energy levels through the roof right now! Huzzah! I'm giving a nod to Mr. Sun. I have lupus so I can't be outside for long stretches. This is actually what my life is right now--I don't think I do any one thing for more than an hour at a stretch anymore. Anyway, I HATE to sunbathe. I did when I modeled a million years ago and couldn't afford a tanning salon, but it bores me to no end. But, I've done that twice in the past week for a total of about 45 minutes. You can laugh now, but I probably have the whitest Latina legs on the entire planet (from the knees down, mostly)! Ha! My consolation is that my grandma, who was very brown everywhere visible, even through winter, had pretty pasty legs herself. My mom was lighter complected than my grandma overall, but her legs got darker. Me, being next generation, usually look white unless I have been outside a lot which I usually can't do anymore. My goal here is to get a bit of color base before we head to Florida next month. I'm acclimatizing so lupus won't beat me up when we're on vacation. ;o)

My feet felt really pretty decent when I woke up this morning so I was productive--mostly catching up on things I neglected to do last week while I was hobbling or nursing a migraine. Hubs wanted to re-arrange the living room, so we also did that and I scrubbed floors. All of the front rooms, so far.

Feet are a little grumpy now, so I'm taking an art/internet break. I already have supper made--just needs to go in the oven when we get hungry.

Our weekend was super fun! I just love hubs's family. They are a big bunch of gregarious Italian foodies with huge hearts. They actually have a lot in common with my Cuban family. We all met yesterday to celebrate the college graduation of our great-nieces, Ashley & Abby. They were in town from Colorado with their mom Tracy and brother Zach. We only get to see them once every year or so (and last year not at all due to the pandemic) so it was so good to see them. They both graduated cum laude from Colorado State. We were all so proud of them! ♥

Their mom (Tracy), grandma--my sister-in-law (Sharon) and their aunt (our niece, Carrie) put the party together for the twins and it was so much fun! Hubs and his family are all pretty big gamblers and they get all the perks at the local casino, including free suites and concerts, etc. Anyway, they got a huge suite at the casino's hotel where the party was hosted. They had a beautiful cake and hubs & I picked up the food to bring to the event. 

Sharon & Carrie cooked up a really fun game (hubs's family is ALL ABOUT THE GAMES) that was just so sweet. My sister-in-law, Geney, was wheelchair bound most of her adult life. She had RA and was sick from the time she was a young girl. Anyway, she did great things with her life--got her master's degree in education and taught special ed until she struggled too much herself to continue working. (She was already retired when I met her in, I believe 1994 or '95, as hubs and I kept things casual in the beginning). She was so limited in mobility, and internet wasn't her thing, so she would scour newspapers and magazines for EVERYTHING. Coupons--she'd have the family running to all corners of town just to save a dollar! The puzzles--she was ace at crossword and cryptograph puzzles. Another of her hobbies was finding look-alikes of family members. She clipped them and saved them in an envelope.

Sharon inherited this envelope and we all remember fondly how off-base Geney was on so many of these. But, still she saved them, we inherited them, and Sharon & Carrie made a game of it. It was called "Guess Who This Is" and it was all of these random clippings of people Geney clipped thinking they looked like someone in the family. Carrie made a slide presentation and we all guessed (there were about 30 of us at the party) who we thought they were supposed to represent. How the votes were tallied was by us--how many of us thought picture X was Sharon? How many thought it was Carrie? Tracy? That type of thing. If you guessed Carrie, but she got 3 votes where Sharon got 4, you lost on that particular photo. So, the the game was won by popular vote. Unfortunately, Geney never wrote on the back of the clippings who she thought they looked like!

Anyway, we decided to continue this tradition. Now we are all tasked to look through magazine, internet articles, etc. to find what we feel are look-alikes to other family members so we can share them at the Christmas party. Our nephew Grant (Donna's son--she's the one who works at the tour company) won the competition yesterday and got to take home a 12x7 framed photo of Geney, who inspired the game. ♥ Sharon & Carrie even taped on a 1st place ribbon on the photo. It was adorable! 

Funny, there were 39 photos and by popular vote, I got 26 of them. So did hubs. One of them I got right, I really shouldn't have! lol It was of hubs's Uncle Sal, who died before I was even a part of the family. But...he must have been my mother-in-law's favorite brother because she mentioned him all the time and showed me photos. Hubs didn't even get that one! lolol In his defense, he's the baby of the family and he's a guy--and I know he notices way different things than I do. When his family asked how I would have know that, not ever having met him, I answered that he must have been Lena's favorite brother because she showed me photos of him. His siblings and older nieces all said or nodded yes, Sal was her favorite, and hubs was clueless as to her affection. haha


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