One Shimmy at a Time

My #dancesisters & I at 2018's Shimmy Mob (I'm middle row, right side in sunglasses & gold coin scarf)
My #dancesisters & I at 2018's Shimmy Mob (I'm middle row, right side in sunglasses & gold coin scarf)

Tomorrow would have been the annual Shimmy Mob in Bloomington. Sadly, the pandemic has changed the scope of the mission. When I had to stop running, I discovered belly dance, and through my dance sisters, I joined Shimmy Mob, which is an international flash mob to bring awareness of domestic abuse, and to support women's and children's shelters all over the world. We dance for our local charities, so all the money we raise helps women and children in crisis in our own community. I'm still dancing tomorrow and will have some embarrassing video and/or photos of the event to share on social media. The Bloomington-Normal-Peoria group will officially have a flash shimmy mob sometime in September, if we can safely do so.

It is such a strange time in the world. I thought I was doing okay but then a neighborhood parade came driving by a couple of evenings ago. It was comprised of about forty carloads of individuals and families--many of them school teachers, with notes of encouragement. The one that tugged at my heart the most was the 3rd grade teacher who had messages on her windows about missing and loving her students and telling them to be safe. I am not a cryer. I bawled like a little baby because I was just so touched (truth be told, I'm barely holding it together to even write this!!) and I guess I didn't realize how all this social isolation is impacting us. I'm an ambivert, so the downtime has been more of a blessing than curse, but I'm amazed by how deeply I've been affected.

Maybe that is why it is so important that I participate in 5k charity events again--just craving connection. Training is going as well as can be expected. I've been dedicated, but my legs and feet have a new cropping of vasculitis which is painful and makes me reconsider how wise this decision of mine is. Slow and steady wins the race, right? For me, winning means retaining mobility for the next 30 years.


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