Thank George It's Friday

So, one would think that someone who does not work a 9-5 job, nor even any outside job on a regular basis at all, would not be celebrating Friday quite so hard. Ordinarily, you would be right. This week was unexpected. I'm relieved it's over.

I went from my feet being grumpy (for the past decade or so) to being difficult to even walk on, overnight. (I'll have to do some research, but I don't believe the COVID shots have been linked to anything like this, have they?) I'm quite miserable in that respect and my eyes have not quite bounced all the way back, but they are still much better than they were a couple of days ago.

In honor of this wreckage of a week being over, let me celebrate what DID go right!

♥ The biggest win was talking to hubs, rationally but directly, about his sudden cold feet regarding our planned retirement move to Florida. He is not only supportive of me and/or us at least spending a couple of months in warmer climates, but he is still quite open to moving permanently to somewhere warmer.

♥ I got to see Bestie Chris for a few minutes today! She is the bestie I have known the longest--we went all the way through primary and secondary schools together. She took on the school yearbooks I was ready to pitch  (I also found 4 of the primary school ones to give to her) and I also had a gift for her newest grandbaby. She and her husband have recently gotten over COVID. Her husband was hospitalized and on oxygen even after they released him. After a month, he is finally released to go back to work on a limited scale. So good to see her, but we both had stuff to do, so couldn't meet for long.

♥ Since my feet hate me, I did some power shopping that was partly retail therapy, but some of that was for those ailing dawgs. I hit 5 stores, and hugged/chatted with Bestie Chris all in under two hours! So, I got Epsom salts to add to the foot soak/massage thingee we have, a Jones cream soda (I have been very good diet-wise, so this was a cheat I'm okayish with given this week...plus, I'm down 3 pounds!), thrifted for some clothes for Florida and got 2 complete outfits, a skirt, and a pair of capris for $6 (It was 99 cent Friday) and then the big bucks had to come out. I went to the store I'm most comfortable with for shoes for my wonky feet (it really is not new that I'm having foot issues--it's just going from wonky to feet I can barely walk on overnight that is getting me so concerned) looking specifically for a pair of walking sandals. I thought they'd be sporty, but they're actually cute! I also hoped they'd have orthotics/insoles for my other shoes designed for fallen arches and plantar fasciitis. They did. All told, I spent about $23o tonight.  I also went to a couple of other places but the only other thing of note was that I got this little oval piece of soft plastic to help me stretch out my feet & legs. I've already used it and it's AWESOME. And, this was just locally. See my next bullet point.

♥ Now that I've had a couple of days to think about potential online purchases, I spent $100 and should get most of it by Sunday. It's all about the feet and eyes. The glue that has been keeping me together. I got two heated foot compresses because both feet are seriously jacked up, but the left one isn't quite as bad. I got foot bands to help with the pain issues. I got the air-tight eye mask thingee to wear with the CPAP, too. 

It seems that retail therapy did end up being the big winner this week! haha I did a lot of adult coloring, too. I also changed out my manicure...again...because I didn't like the last one, which was a mixed-mani with old product that didn't wear well because I tried to stretch it out too much. I'm continuing to go through boxes. I'm on to photographs now. I'll be on photographs for the foreseeable future. Y'know, I think at this stage of my life, I just have to keep plodding forward. The setbacks are inevitable, and I'm exercising my flexibility to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.


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