Today Is a Brand New Day

I'm up early today because my eyes gave out around 7pm last night. But, let me catch you up since my pity party yesterday...............................

Hubs and I had that talk. He agrees to at least snowbirding for a couple of months each winter and he's still open to moving entirely to north Florida if we find a good spot. The conversation was easier than I feared. I am proud that I stuck to my guns though, and pressed for this latest compromise. I just can't do another winter here--my skin and bones don't tolerate the cold, and my eyes don't handle the cold and dryness. 

Speaking of eyes, I did not use the CPAP last night. I babied them all day yesterday and they are quite a bit better today. I found a couple of eye covers that work with CPAPs but I did not order anything online yesterday because I did not want my shopping therapy demons to rise up and order EVERYTHING ON THE INTERWEBS. 

My feet? Not at all better. My attitude? MUCH better. I'm all about onward and upward today.

We took pizza over to our elderly friends' house last night. It was so good to catch up! My eyes failed on me hard while we were there, though. Hubs wasn't reading the message very well that we needed to leave, however. He did another half hour of magic and part of this I understand, because our friends' great-grandkids came upstairs and they LOVE hubs and the little guy thinks he's a really real magician and could do ANYTHING...it was adorable, but we nearly missed my window of being able to drive. And it was dusk by then, so hubs has trouble driving then, too. Luckily we only live 10 minutes away, my eyes held on long enough to limp our way home, and I took my meds as soon as we got here and went to bed, listening to an audiobook. I'm listening to Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs. It's part of the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series. It's okay so far. I loved the original book, but I think more than the storyline, I loved the premise and the story of how the author developed the characters. I also think I missed a book or two, because the main character is not with the person I thought he'd be with romantically, although I know her character from the first book.

I plan to be somewhat productive again today. Yesterday wasn't a total wash, and I did accomplish a couple of big things, but I'm fully back on track now. Carpe diem. ♥


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