Hold On Tight To Your Dreams

My second favorite ELO song. Hubs and I spent my 50th birthday weekend in Chicago and caught Jeff Lynne's ELO concert at the United Center in 2019. Ah, the good old days when we could still do such things. 

So, after a CBD/THC/whiskey cocktail, I've decided that these setbacks are only making me MORE focused on my dreams. This song encapsulates, absolutely, where I am in this moment.

So, stubbornness does have its place. Huh. I needed to have that pity party this morning though to get to where I'm determined to move onward, upward and forward again. I'm still taking today as a mental health day, and I'm focusing on comfort and self-care. But, I'm still going through boxes and doing my daily stuff as well. 

Hubs and I are going to need to have a serious talk. If he wants to stay here in Illinois, I'm okay with that, with a couple of exceptions. My health and now his indicates that we should snowbird elsewhere, where it's warmer. I don't give a crap whether it's Florida, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, Central America, Vietnam--just get us out of the extreme cold. If he is not on board, as much as I hate to say this, I will snowbird elsewhere without him for part of the winter, at least. My bones and my skin cannot withstand another Midwest winter. On this point, I am resolute. I've compromised where I want to live for far too long for him to get cold feet, yet again.


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