Nailfies, the Noggin, New Things & Normalcy

This week's manicure. I didn't do a great job with it, so I'll probably change it out already this weekend. LOVE the colors though.
This week's manicure. I didn't do a great job with it, so I'll probably change it out already this weekend. LOVE the colors though.
Last week's manicure in the flower bed by our driveway.
Last week's manicure in the flower bed by our driveway.

I'm definitely keeping up with my nails, just not my business at the moment. I might have mentioned this already, but I didn't plan to start a home-based business until summer (too good of a deal when I signed up early) so I'm relaunching in earnest on June 1st (though my shopping link is still working-I just am not doing any marketing).

This weather is not helping the migraine situation these days. Or I am flaring, though I have more energy than I normally do during a flare. Anyway, I had another early day yesterday because the migraine became severe around 7pm so I was in bed at 8. And boy howdy did I sleep, although I haven't gotten quality sleep in months (I wake up a gajillion times, but I kept going right back to sleep last night). I didn't get up until nearly 9:30 this morning. Maybe I needed it and I hope it helps the wonky noggin situation. 

My dreams took on a theme last night and that was all about girls' outings. I had at least three dreams where I was on a girls' trip. I think that is because my besties & I have been talking about doing that this summer while we're all still in the general area so one of the  dreams was about that and it seemed so vivid. I was driving in the very same SUV I own now and we were talking about high school and reminiscing and they were talking about Joye making fun of me for taking a "puff" of a cigarette (I was the token non-smoker in the group because I was a long distance runner, though I was known to toke occasionally, so I called it a puff and they thought it was hilarious) and we were all laughing. I also had a dream where I went to a yoga retreat with several other ladies who were my friends in my dream, but I didn't recognize any of them from real life. The other dream was a hodgepodge of people I know or I used to know-friends, acquaintances and a few strangers and we were in a museum on a very dreary day in a crowded city somewhere in Europe. I feel like I had more dreams like this, but I don't remember them now that I'm awake.

Yesterday afternoon I went to an open house for my sister-in-law's tour company and it was fun. I paid for all the trips I signed up for over the weekend (got a discount for attending the open house) and saw some familiar faces because of all the tours we've taken with Donna over the years, so it was nice to catch up. After the open house, I went Krogering and bought low carb stuff. Mostly I just want to eliminate cane sugar and breads/pastas for right now. Thought it might help me better navigate the world of migraines that have been slamming me lately. Hubs and I both need to lose weight, so I loaded the cart with protein and veggies. I didn't get anything exciting, but I did make some vanilla-honey simple syrup for Italian sodas and teas (I'd been using Torani syrups) for when I get a sweet tooth.

New in my life are the Braille book with the raised dots (still not really grasping the "feel" like I would like, but if I do a little bit every day, I am confident I'll get there eventually). Also new are flowers. Tons and tons of flowers. And, we're not done as hubs ordered more that he'll pick up tonight. Neither one of us is really healthy enough to do much gardening, so we hired the freighbor teen to do most of the planting. Hopefully between the two of us, we can handle the weeding.

I saved the best news for last. Hubs had an eye appointment yesterday and his eyes are improving!!! They're still wonky and he still has double vision, but I've noticed the past week, in particular, his eyes weren't fatiguing quite so quickly and he's getting used to the prism lens. Anyway, the doctor couldn't say with certainty that hubs's vision will ever return to "normal" but the fact they are beginning to improve is a very good sign. ♥


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