Hippie-Chick Got This

Fighting the overwhelm this morning, so thought I'd lay out my projects because once I see them, I'll hopefully start picking up some motivation to accomplish things today. (I won't get to/complete all of these today.)

1. Figure out hubs's retirement payout (dragging my feet on this-it will take a while).

2. More Florida planning. We'll only be there 7 days, and since we'll be 7 hours out of our way, I need to make sure we utilize every moment we're there. Mission: Florida. I'm setting up a folder on my Google Docs, so I can access our quasi-itinerary from my phone.

3. Groceries. I'm shopping for low carb options, in particular.

4. Power walk & practice dance.

5. Dust and do the floors.

6. Continue cleaning out the garage & getting rid of junk. Tomorrow is trash day.

7. New manicure. Since I'm selling Color Street, I want to make sure my nails are always on fleek, because you never know when someone will compliment me on my nails and this could lead to a new client. We'll be attending an open house tomorrow for my sister-in-law's job at the tour bus company (they were just purchased by Peoria Charter) and knowing the ladies Donna hangs out with, this will be right up their alley.

8. Design & print a handful of business cards.

9. Study Braille & Italian.

10. Take donations to Goodwill.

11. My eyes are good enough to pick back up on my novels. =) I need to make a decision: edit a completed draft (the one I have in mind is an experimental fic, but it's my favorite work) or continue work on the fae folk fantasy I started writing last year.

12. Books I am currently reading: (I finished The Dutch House last week). The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, You: Poet and  The Courage to Heal. Usually I have one fiction novel in the mix, but going through 3 books at once is plenty.

13. The weather hasn't been conducive to repainting the mural on the back patio, but I don't think this week will be great, either. It's sunny today, however, so if I can squeeze it in...

14. Go to the bank and transfer some money to my credit card, get some cash.

An observation: I have a tendency to shut completely down when I get overwhelmed. Instead of tackling things head on, I ignore my to-dos, then I get more and more overwhelmed because of all the things still on my growing to-do list. My biggest goal today is to tackle these things. If we fall in love with some town in Florida, the move could happen sooner than expected, and I'd hate to leave everything to the last possible minute.

Baby steps will get me there. Hippie got this. ;o)


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