HK5K Race Day

I survived the 5K but it was a clusterfluff. None of my technology worked at the campgrounds, so I had to guess using the pace meter on my FitBit. I walked an average 20 minute mile pace, which I'll take because about 1/2 mile of that was in tall prairie grass (where I decided to tread lightly because I have encountered too many timber rattlers in my lifetime) and hubs called me 3 times. (Since his stroke, I answer his calls even when it's inconvenient...) Our freighbors (friends + neighbors = freighbors) were half expecting us out there because we talked about it last weekend before they left for their site, but once we got there, Stella is really sick, possibly with COVID, so she was napping when we arrived. I took off walking, leaving hubs with Steve. Hubs called me a gajillion times, my tech didn't work in the boonies, my friend is sick, my eyeballs hate me and my hands are swollen. So, it was the most frustrating race I've ever completed in my life, but at the end of the day...I did it. So...YAY! Looking forward to the next race being a little less frenetic, however. ;o)


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