Disco Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? The boat deal fell through so we are back at square one. We'll attempt to sell it for a little while longer, but if we can't make that happen, we'll donate it to Boat Angels. Like disco lemonade.

Today was Swag Day for the races. I got both race packets in the mail this afternoon-both came with a bib. When I was still running races, I kept all of my race bibs pinned to a bulletin board by my treadmill where I wrote my finishing times in pencil. I threw them out when I had to stop running, but maybe I'll do the same with the bibs I get with walking races. The favorite goodie I got was a bracelet from the Run Like A Mother packet--it's blue and has a "Be Bolder" charm on it. It's a great mantra for me.

So, since I have my goodies, I can do the Helen Keller 5K this weekend! I *could* technically do it tonight, but we have plans to watch the symphony on the local PBS channel in an hour. I don't want to do it on the treadmill (though it is an option) because I want to really get a sense of where I am performance-wise in a real race situation. I did 1.5 miles last night with small hills. Back in the day I used to do one distance run, one speed, one hills and one easy each week. I ran nearly every day, but I got the 3 performance building ones out of the way as quickly as I could each week.

I just spent an hour and a half outside so I probably shouldn't get any more sun today (part of the time in the shade--I am fortunate that I don't burn easily, but if I'm out too long I do get sun sick sometimes and I get some crazy rashes) where hubs and I went over some of the paralegal work I've been doing. I'm now helping him with 3 cases. We went through one of them. I don't have anything new to do with one of them and I have videos to review for the third case at some point this weekend. All of these are criminal cases. 

Also funny to note is that I got a t-shirt with each of the race packets. I order XL because I want them to be a little loose. Run Like A Mother fits just the way I like. Admittedly it is a woman's cut. The Helen Keller tee (unisex XL) is big enough for me and a friend or two. Or we could use it as a tent. haha It'll be perfect to sleep in, so no complaints. Just thought it was funny.

Today was another productive day. Another box from the garage is done (I'm hoping to do at least one box a day. There are dozens of boxes, so it'll take me into at least July at this rate. I did standard housework too. I managed to stay busy. Glad it's the symphony tonight because I overused my eyes a bit.

We're getting closer to booking our Florida flight. Looks like the best time for us to go is late June.


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