Thank You Bites Then; Thank You Laps Now

When my daughter was very small, she went to a Lutheran preschool/daycare. How they got the children to eat was by making them take one "thank you bite" of whatever food was offending the toddler at the time. The children were told that they should thank God for their food, even if it was yucky, because some people were starving. Non-religious me thought that was brilliant! So, thank you bites, thank you tries, etc. became part of my parenting strategy.

Lunch was a bad idea today because the migraine went sideways shortly afterwards, and I've been mostly in bed since about 2pm. I've been resting, medicating, meditating, etc. and perked up a little bit this evening. So, I tried to help hubs figure out a magic trick, but my head still hurt too much to brain well and we chatted for a little bit. I medicated again and went downstairs to the massage chair, thinking it might help my head. It's been a rainy, nostalgic day today and I was thinking about those thank you bites and how my daughter is now a young woman who is not afraid to try anything, food or otherwise.

Then I started feeling guilty. I was no longer in danger of tossing my cookies and I have two good legs. The rest of me might be wimpy, but my legs have remained steady and strong. I owe that to running and gymnastics and I feel thankful that I at least have my mobility because there is at least one part of me that is strong and healthy. I decided to take a "thank you lap" on the treadmill, that is to say a single quarter of one mile. I set it to 3mph so in five quick minutes, it was over. I'm glad I didn't guilt myself into a full workout but proud I did the thank you lap. And now I hope to meditate myself out of a migraine and into a restful night of sleep. Sweet dreams. ♥


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