Closer to Free

Closer to Free looks like she'll be moving to St. Louis this weekend. So long, my friend.
Closer to Free looks like she'll be moving to St. Louis this weekend. So long, my friend.

One of the wafflers looks to be serious about buying our boat now. He was going to come out today to pick it up but it's storming, and it's supposed to be more of the same tomorrow, so he'd like to pick it up on Friday. He lives 3 hours away in St. Louis. We had a lot of fun on that boat. We got it in 2004 when it was almost new (it's a 2001 model). So many memories. So many friends. So many nights spent on the boat when hubs and I partied a little too much so felt it best to crash there. Sometimes we made plans to stay overnight in advance. At 24.5 feet, it's big enough to have an actual bed in the cuddy cabin. I called it our 2-bedroom mini-yacht! It has some pretty ingenious living space--the bed in the cuddy cabin isn't good for anything else because it's essentially a crawl space with a window and a mattress, but in the main cabin there is a kitchenette complete with 2-burner stove, microwave, fridge and cabinet space, a bathroom where you could do your business, take a shower and use the sink all at the same time (it's basically a little stall with a sink & toilet--the shower is overhead of it all. We never used the shower because our marina had normal showers in their locker room, albeit without hot water sometimes) and a "dining room" with bench seating and a table that could be converted by flipping the table over and placing a cushion on top to make a second bed. The boat will be going to a young family. I wonder if they'll use it to go tubing. I miss the days of tubing and skiing, but those days were pretty much over for me when we got Closer to Free. I think we still went tubing that first summer, but it wasn't quick enough for skiing. Since it needs a new motor, that shouldn't be too much of an issue for the new family. They can get whatever they want.

I joined 3 walking groups on Facebook the other day. They are all great, but all very different. One is set up as a team challenge, one is specifically for weight loss and the other is where the serious walkers are. One guy is training for a 100K! Makes my mile and a half yesterday look like an absolute joke, but I'm pleased that I'm walking more often. Today will definitely be an indoor workout. The rain is coming down in sheets. I hear thunder rumbling but the storm is not close by and it actually sounds like it is moving away from us as the thunder sounds more distant than it did a half hour ago. 

My head hates storms. (So yes, I have another flipping migraine. Grrr. Went to bed with it last night and it's a little worse this morning.) On the other hand, I LOVE storms. I'd be a storm chaser if my head wasn't such a mess every time the weather changed. I love the feel of electricity in the air, like the world is tingling with excitement and energy and it's bringing me along for the ride. I'm in awe of the light display and thunder, especially when it's distant like it is right now. It is one of the most relaxing sounds for me. Night music is the best, though. It's my favorite sound ever! We're blessed to live in a wooded area, so our back yard is home to all varieties of wildlife. The frogs & insects sing lullabies to us every night when it's warm. We are truly lucky.

Ah, nostalgia. I hope to be somewhat productive today, but I'm a little wiped out from cleaning the boat yesterday, so I'll take it slow. I have Ancient Aliens keeping me company. That is my guilty pleasure and has inspired so many stories and characters that end up in novels and short stories. I've watched every episode, so I keep it on in the background. I've found a few podcasts that expand my imagination, too, but Ancient Aliens is my default source of inspiration.


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