Better Is Better

Migraine lessened after the second cuppa this morning, so I've been productive after all today. Hooray! And here comes all the posting frenzy I thought was going to happen last week. Random thoughts, observations and to-do items in bullets:

○ I've gotten through two boxes of garage junk today and am now going through all of my millionty pens. Am I the only one who hoards pens? Anyway, I LOVE color. Lots of color. Adult coloring books are my reward for doing a job well (I rewarded myself with some coloring today, in fact) but some of my pens are drying out, so I'm going through them all so I have a little more room in my art pen drawer. I'm still organizing all of our drawers (hubs' drawers are done and I started on mine...next will be the bathroom, then kitchen, then office...which is the room I am dreading) and I'm switching out fall/winter clothes with spring/summer. I did laundry, dishes, swept. I'm a machine! Ha. Maybe not so much of a machine, but I'm productive like a whole human being would be instead of a half-life. It's refreshing.

○ It's pizza for dinner. I'm still in work mode, not cook mode. I'm enjoying a Q Spectacular ginger beer. Even though I don't drink much soda, I always want soda with pizza. This is sweetened with agave and I approve! It is stronger than other ginger beers because they intend it to be a mixer for cocktails, but I like them as they are. They also add chili peppers for an added kick.

○ The boat is going to wear both hubs and I down to the ground. We have two people interested in buying it, but no formal offers yet and both of the potential buyers are waffling. Ironically, our boat's name is Closer to Free (after the Bodeans' song...it's "our band"), but it feels like it's pinning us down right now, so quite the opposite of freedom. We loved boating, but neither of us have the health to keep one clean and running smoothly anymore. It needs a new engine, so it hasn't been easy to sell, but we got quotes for the new motor and lowered the price accordingly (and then some). The song that inspired our boat's name is below.


○ I haven't studied Italian since before hubs's stroke, so I'm back at it as of today. I made a vocab study sheet for the treadmill tonight.

○ Now that my vision is improving, I'm itching to get back to the plastic canvas projects I earmarked for *last* summer but only got a couple of projects completed.

○ Maybe I'm just feeling more creative in general because I wrote a poem while I was journaling in my notebook today, and I also did some more art. I liked what I did better last week, but if I keep working at it, I'm sure my technique will improve.

○ The mail brought a nice surprise today--I got the eyedrops I ordered already. I've tried them and they sting like the steroid/antibiotic drops do, so I hope that's a good sign...now I'm only waiting for the Braille book that I think will be most helpful.

○ I haven't been keeping up with my new business. Which is kind of okay because I didn't intend to really get into it until this summer. I'm a little disappointed in myself though, because I thought I'd be doing more on social media to promote the business than I have been. I'll add it to this week's goals.

○ I'm much more productive when hubs is away during the day, but I do have more I'd like to get to tonight. I've been doing treadmill workouts around 8:30/9pm lately. I take my nightly green meds (been a cannabis patient since they legalized it for lupus in 2015 when the first dispensaries opened), stretch, work out, sit in the massage chair & then do the nightly routine. I miss the days when I wasn't so high maintenance...I've been getting to bed around 11 or 11:30. Most of the routine stuff is C-PAP, eye and skin maintenance, and the typical brushing/flossing, etc.

○ I'm juggling 3 books right now. The audiobook is my favorite--it's The Dutch House by Ann Pratchett. It started off slow and I didn't think I was going to like it, but now that I'm approaching the conclusion, I'll be sad when it ends.

○ I think I forgot to talk about the cemetery picnic yesterday. It was a gorgeous day! A little chilly, only because of the breeze (today is much warmer and much windier), but the sun was out and so were all the people. The cemetery where Lena is buried is an historic cemetery that includes a section of Civil War veterans. They do re-enactments there (well, they used to pre-COVID days) and it's laid out so beautifully. They also have a section reserved just for pets there, which is sweet. We chatted about Lena, Genie and general family memories. It was hubs, his brother, two sisters and a brother-in-law. We thought about playing a game, but it was a bit too windy so we talked instead. Nice afternoon!

Speaking of windy, I'll stop for the time being. Nothing terribly exciting is happening, but I'm humaning more, so I guess that's noteworthy enough. Have a great evening! ♥


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