Random-y Randomness (in bullets)

○ It's late and I'm not braining as well as I should, but I'm also not tired yet, so you get my thoughts in bullet form. 

○ I've spent about 10 hours the past few days doing paralegal work for hubs. It's going fairly well, but I think he's going to need to ask for more discovery documents and/or clarification on a few points. It's a criminal case and these folks may just be receiving a Darwin award for their stupidity. *sigh*

○ My back finally feels like it's stable enough to really start walking with purpose again. The weather has been crap, so I've been using weights and walking on the treadmill.

○ I really need to do weight training, but I'm the opposite of most people. I love cardio but lifting weights bores me so I generally don't do it. Hence trying to sneak some weights in when I'm walking.

○ My Omega-7 vitamins came today. One of the Braille books should arrive tomorrow.

○ We are meeting the family tomorrow at my mother-in-law's gravesite. We usually do this for Mother's Day, but we're taking advantage of hopefully nice weather tomorrow. We order take-out, have a picnic lunch at the cemetery and talk about all the good memories we have of Lena and also of my sister-in-law Genie (who was cremated). Do other families do this? I know they do in Mexico, but I had never heard of this in America until Lena passed and we started to make the picnic at her gravesite thing a tradition.

○ I was oddly productive this past week. I hope to continue trending toward getting stuff done. I even did a bit of artwork in my personal journal, which I haven't done since last summer.

○ Two major projects for the coming week will be to fix the garage door opener and begin touching up the mural on the back patio. Believe it or not, I was a garage door technician at one point of my life, so I'm the one more qualified to fix it. That said, it's been more than 25 years since I last installed or troubleshot a door opener, so I'm guessing I'll be rusty. This is also a Chamberlain; I worked exclusively with Stanley openers. It doesn't look like a huge difference in engineering despite the different brand (not to mention, this opener is 20 years newer than the ones I worked with), and I already know what the problem is, I just don't know how to fix it yet. (Eye beam issue, most probably the alignment, but my first attempt didn't solve the problem.)

○ I'm going to bed with a migraine, but it's the first time my head has hurt badly all day. Since it hurts, I'm really not braining very well, so I'll save the rest for a later post. ♥Sweet dreams!♥


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