In My Sights

I can not do everything, but I can do something.  I must not fail to do the something that I can do. ~ Helen Keller

So, I found a 5K race for April! And, it's coming up fast. I chose this one for the obvious--I'm racing for myself and potentially for my daughter who has also been diagnosed with autoimmune (hopefully not Sjogren's & lupus now or down the road, but she does have Crohn's). When I started to learn Braille (I still suck at it) I was shocked at the lack of Braille and large print books and a little disappointed in the choices for audiobooks (though there are enough audiobooks out there to keep me busy for the next decade, but I would like to see that expanded, too).

It has been a seriously tough couple of weeks. Ironically, my eyes are probably the best thing going for me right now. The migraines have been endless. Some of them have been creative, but most have not. Yesterday was crashed in bed by 3pm bad, but today looks better so far. *knocks wood*

Every other day seems to be the pattern for being too sick to move, so on the days in between, I'm fairly productive. Banking on that pattern today, as I have much to do. On today's agenda is going through boxes of junk that have been stored in the garage for eons. Tomorrow is trash day, and it's my goal to fill up a 30-gallon can with papers & miscellany we don't need anymore.

Looks like our Florida trip will occur in early June. The Malta trip has been postponed--we'd still like to go there, but it may not happen as they are even shut down to European travelers now. If not Malta, we're also eyeing Costa Rica, The Amalfi Coast and Prague as alternatives. Luckily, we have until November 2022 to use our travel voucher, so hopefully Malta will be able to open up soon.

I have more on my mind, but I need to get busy. So, I could be Posty McPoster later today...until then, I should get productive. Have a great day!! ♥


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