Our New Semblance of Normalcy

Hubs and I about 15 years ago--younger and healthier! (I could actually wear eye makeup back then!!)
Hubs and I about 15 years ago--younger and healthier! (I could actually wear eye makeup back then!!)

Tomorrow marks 5 weeks since hubs had the stroke. I think we've settled into our new norm fairly well. The trip to Kansas City has also been postponed because hubs's schedule is starting to fill up again. As long as I can keep him from overdoing, we'll be okay. The two lingering things for him are his vision and fatigue, which I don't believe he's ever experienced for more than a day or two before. (Welcome to my spoonie world, hubs. =( )

I feel like I will forevermore be the primary driver, although hubs has an appointment to get fitted for lenses to correct his wonky double vision next month. I don't believe he will ever drive at night again unless he has to (I was already starting to be the primary driver at night because he was having issues with night vision, and this new wonkiness will probably make him too uncomfortable to drive after dark), but I do believe we will see a day where he'll be driving back and forth to work and court appearances again. He has asked me to act as paralegal on two of his cases. One of them will require me to do some research tonight because we'll be meeting with the client and a witness tomorrow (criminal case).

He's also asking me to fill out his retirement paperwork for the Illinois pension for IL state university professors. He plans to be retired in six months, though he took on another case this past week, so I'm not sure how serious he is.

Spring has definitely sprung. Hooray! I started taking the puppy boys out for longer walks this week. Right now we're only at a mile because I want to gage how Reno's hind legs handle it. He aced the Santa Cause race, so I hope we can get him conditioned to do a little more--I'll keep adding a little bit of distance every few days to see how we're all handling it. It'll help him in the long run too, if we can keep him active.

I technically broke open a bottle of whiskey for day drinking a little bit ago (3:30pm here, but it's 5pm somewhere, right?). Whiskey is another indicator of things becoming normalized again. Last Friday I had a whiskey when we had dinner with our friends, and hubs and I stopped into the Hungry Moose for a drink earlier in the week where I again thanked everyone for acting so quickly to save his life, and hubs thanked them for the first time. It's his biggest pinball hangout (his vision is still too off for pinball) so the staff knows him well and the regular waitress/bartender gave him a huge hug. She was there when he collapsed five Saturdays ago. Otherwise, I've been too nervous to have any drinks in case I'd have to rush him to ER-- until the past week or so. I'm still minding my Ps & Qs more than I ordinarily would on a Friday afternoon/night, but it's kinda nice to be able to relax a little bit.

I'm meeting with the ray of sunshine, Regina, who will be my team leader with the Color Street business on Sunday afternoon. I haven't formally signed up or done anything definite yet. I have a few questions before I become 100% invested in the idea. We'll be meeting at my favorite coffee house downtown. I've gotten a couple of coffees to go from there since the pandemic, but I used to go there quite often to write or work, so it'll be nice to actually hang out there again. ♥ I should probably do my nails tonight since I'll be meeting with a client tomorrow and my team leader for the nail biz on Sunday.


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